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Seahawks leading the league in dollars per punt through first 4 weeks

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Michael Dickson is a great punter.

There are plenty of statistics to back that up, including the salary statistic.

Per OTC, Dickson’s current contract with the Seahawks is the #1 contract (for a punter) in terms of total value ($14,699,059), annual value ($3,674,765), total guarantees ($8.5M) and full guarantees ($7.5M).

Here’s a stat that OTC and other sites don’t track though: $ per kick.

This is a stat that the Seahawks and the originator of the double-punt lead by a country mile.

Let’s start with Dickson’s total 2022 earnings and work back from there ...

Dickson is earning $3,083,059 this year. That works out to $181,356.41 per game.

Yes, that means he made nearly $200k for sitting on the bench for the entire game last Sunday - which is something that no punter in Seahawks history had ever done before - and, yes, that definitely makes me question some of my life choices.

Through 4 games, Dickson has earned $725,425.65.

He has punted 9 times.

You read that right. Dickson has punted a total of 9 times through the season’s first 4 games.

If that seems low to you, it’s because it is.

In 2021, Dickson punted 21 times over the first 4 games. The year before that, he punted 17 times over the same span.

Nine punts through 4 games isn’t just low in terms of what Seattle normally does though; it’s low compared to the league as a whole.

Top 3: (bad)

Bottom 3: (good)

Now, here are the punters for those 6 teams with the amount of money that each of them has earned thus far on a per-kick basis:

That’s a comically big difference, isn’t it?

And when called upon to punt, Dickson is delivering.

Bottom line: Seattle is paying a ton of money to have one of the best weapons in the league stand around on game day - and I, for one, am LOVING it.

Go Hawks!