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L.J. Collier designated to return, Joey Hunt added to practice squad

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Through the first four games of the 2022 NFL Season the Seattle Seahawks have been shredded defensively. That includes in Week 4, when the Jared Goff led offense of the Detroit Lions, down its top pass catchers and top running back still managed to post more than 500 yards of offense on its way to scoring 45 points against the Hawks defense.

However, on Wednesday the Seahawks took a step that could help the team in the defensive front in the coming weeks, with 2019 first round pick defensive tackle L.J. Collier being designated to return from injured reserve. Collier has been sidelined by an elbow injury suffered during training camp, but will now be able to practice with the team as he prepares to return to the field.

As much as many fans are likely to laugh, Collier could prove valuable at defensive tackle over the remainder of the season, a position at which the team has struggled so far this season following the switch to a 3-4 defensive front. Whether he is able to improve the performance of the defensive line or not won’t be known until he’s actually on the field and able to contribute in games, but at least now he is able to participate in practice.

In addition to the news on Collier, the Seahawks also brought back a familiar face, signing 2016 sixth round pick Joey Hunt to the practice squad.