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Podcast: Which college quarterback best suits the Seahawks?

Rutgers v Ohio State Photo by Ben Jackson/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback discourse has been a roller coaster ride this year. One day there was no intention of trading Russell Wilson, the next day he became a Denver Bronco. The Seahawks stuck with Geno Smith, acquired Drew Lock, and didn’t draft any of the quarterbacks from this year’s class. We’ve had endless Smith vs. Lock debate that will likely continue even if Geno Smith’s genuinely impressive play sustains itself, and now there’s even talk about whether Smith could be the QB of the Future against all the odds.

The most likely scenario still involves the Seahawks looking at a quarterback in the 2023 NFL Draft. They have two first-round picks and two second-rounders thanks to the Wilson trade, but it’s early October so we have not a clue where these picks will land. It’s widely believed that the 2023 QB Class is stacked and there’s value to be had in Day 1 and Day 2.

Host Dayna O’Gorman was joined by special guest Emory Hunt of CBS Sports HQ for a compelling new episode of the Field Gulls Podcast! Topics include:

  • Which of the college QBs would best suit the Seahawks?
  • Is Ohio State star CJ Stroud really the guy?
  • Who should Seattle consider if they don’t have a top-5 draft pick?
  • Thoughts on Geno Smith
  • Why Emory loves Seahawks fans

Listen to the episode in the player below:

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