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Seahawks vs. Saints Final Score: Seattle loses 39-32 in another embarrassing defensive display

This defense is indefensible.

The Seattle Seahawks (2-3) have an offense that is playing like a playoff-caliber team. The defense is not good enough to stop Pop Warner offenses, and between that and some sketchy officiating that resulted in a 39-32 loss to the New Orleans Saints (2-3).

Geno Smith threw for three touchdowns, should’ve had four or five if not for a bad DK Metcalf drop and a questionable penalty on Charles Cross, while Kenneth Walker III had an electrifying first career touchdown. We’ll see a lot more of Walker considering the potential severe injury to Rashaad Penny.

The defense is almost entirely pathetic. The “almost” is because Coby Bryant and Tariq Woolen continue to make awesome plays. Taysom Hill rushed for over 100 yards, 3 touchdowns, and threw for another. His 60-yard scamper was the game-winner. Seattle was just 1/9 on 3rd down while the Saints were 8/13 on their 3rd downs.

If not for Geno and this offense, the Seahawks might be the worst team in the NFL. That is how bad this defense is. And special teams certainly contributed to this failure to win a very winnable game.

1st Quarter

Seattle won the coin toss and put the Saints offense on the field first. If you’re like me, you had a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach. Andy Dalton (and I guess Taysom Hill) led a 10-play, 41-yard drive that stalled out thanks to a 3rd down pass breakup by Coby Bryant. Wil Lutz hit a 56-yard field goal to put the Saints on the board. 3-0 Saints.

The Seahawks’ red-hot passing offense continued its success into the opening quarter of this game. Geno Smith completed a 15-yard pass to Noah Fant for a first down, and then his next pass was an improvised throw on the run to DK Metcalf for a 50-yard touchdown. 7-3 Seahawks.

After a Saints punt, the Seahawks were fortunate not to give the ball up right away on a dropped interception by Paulson Adebo. The next play was a big Rashaad Penny run into Saints territory, but the drive fizzled out and they settled for a 56-yard field goal. Jason Myers answered Lutz’s long kick with one of his own. 10-3 Seahawks.

2nd Quarter

New Orleans didn’t need big explosive plays to score on their third possession. A 10-play, 69-yard drive that almost didn’t happen because of a Taysom Hill kickoff return fumble ended in an 8-yard Hill touchdown run. It was a Hill-heavy drive and he got the payoff. 10-10.

A rare three-and-out by the Seahawks offense gave the Saints the ball right back, but an Al Woods sack helped lead to a three-and-out the other way. Then another Seahawks three-and-out resulted in a uh... a fake punt? I cannot describe this. Michael Dickson tried to run it and he lost the ball and the Saints recovered. Taysom Hill ran in his second TD of the game. He recovered that fumble, by the way. 17-10 Saints.

Trailing by a touchdown, the Seahawks finally opened up the passing offense and more specifically utilized the tight ends. Will Dissly had a first-down catch, as did Noah Fant on a deep ball down the field on the run by Geno Smith. Seattle reached the red zone at the two-minute warning looking to tie things up. DK Metcalf dropped a tying touchdown on a beautiful throw by Geno. He had to have that and he knew it. Jason Myers hit a short field goal. 17-13 Saints.

Just when it looked like the Saints would get into field goal range, a hands to the face penalty on James Hurst knocked them backwards. Coby Bryant then knocked the ball free from Alvin Kamara, and fellow rookie Tariq Woolen scooped it up before fumbling the return out of bounds. Suddenly the Seahawks had a chance at points! Forget the field goal, how about a deep touchdown to Tyler Lockett? 19-17 Seahawks.

3rd Quarter

DK Metcalf appeared to lose a fumble on the very first play of the 2nd half, but his elbow was down just before the ball started to come out. They ruled it a fumble live and it stood upon replay. Tough call and another poor giveaway by Metcalf deep in Seattle territory. Ryan Neal denied Adam Trautman a touchdown on a great throw by Andy Dalton, then Coby Bryant did the same thing on Chris Olave... or so it seemed. On replay they deemed that Olave had a third step before the ball came loose going to the ground. Tough break for Coby. Olave also got concussed on the slam to the ground. 24-19 Saints.

Plenty of punts were exchanged after that sequence, but then Tariq Woolen had a huge interception off Andy Dalton to put the Seahawks in great field position.

A long ball from Geno to DK for a touchdown was erased due to an iffy holding penalty on Charles Cross. That took the Seahawks out of field goal range and they ended up punting. Naturally, a big screen to Alvin Kamara got the Saints to Seattle’s 24. Taysom Hill beat up Seattle running, so he decided to throw a 22-yard TD to Adam Trautman. 31-19 Saints.

4th Quarter

Geno to Lockett. 40 yards. No words other than “HOLY CRAP.” Seattle went for two for some reason and it was incomplete. 31-25 Saints.

The Saints were seemingly ready to punt after getting stopped short on 3rd down, but a bailout holding penalty on Tariq Woolen gave them a fresh set of downs. Just so many penalties against the Seahawks. Then on a 4th and 3 it looked like Boye Mafe jumped offsides, but the officials ruled a false start on the right tackle. That turned into a Saints punt. And two plays later the Seahawks were in the end zone on a nice 69-yard touchdown run by rookie Kenneth Walker III! Incredible! 32-31 Seahawks.

Not incredible? A 60-yard TD by Taysom Hill for a hat trick of rushing scores. They got the 2-point conversion through Mark Ingram. 39-32 Saints with 5:22 left.

The Seahawks went three-and-out on the ensuing drive, with Geno Smith taking a terrible 3rd and 2 sack. New Orleans made Seattle exhaust its timeouts and converted a critical 3rd down to keep the clock moving.

Scoring Summary

1st Quarter: Will Lutz 56-yard field goal - SEA 0, NO 3

1st Quarter: DK Metcalf 50-yard touchdown pass from Geno Smith - SEA 7, NO 3

1st Quarter: Jason Myers 56-yard field goal - SEA 10, NO 3

2nd Quarter: Taysom Hill 8-yard touchdown rush - SEA 10, NO 10

2nd Quarter: Taysom Hill 9-yard touchdown rush - SEA 10, NO 17

2nd Quarter: Jason Myers 31-yard field goal - SEA 13, NO 17

2nd Quarter: Tyler Lockett 36-yard touchdown pass from Geno Smith - SEA 19, NO 17

3rd Quarter: Chris Olave 16-yard touchdown pass from Andy Dalton - SEA 19, NO 24

3rd Quarter: Adam Trautman 22-yard touchdown pass from Taysom Hill - SEA 19, NO 31

4th Quarter: Tyler Lockett 40-yard touchdown pass from Geno Smith - SEA 25, NO 31

4th Quarter: Kenneth Walker III 69-yard touchdown rush - SEA 32, NO 31

4th Quarter: 60-yard Taysom Hill touchdown rush - SEA 32, NO 39

Seahawks Injury Report

RB Rashaad Penny was carted off with a left ankle injury in the 3rd quarter and did not return.

WR Penny Hart suffered a hamstring injury and did not return.

G Gabe Jackson suffered a hip flexor injury and did not return.

DT Al Woods was ruled out with a knee injury.

Next Week’s Opponent

The Seahawks return home for a divisional matchup with the Arizona Cardinals (2-3) on Sunday, Oct. 16 at 4:05 PM ET/1:05 PM PT on FOX.