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Rashaad Penny Injury Update: Seahawks running back has a broken leg, per report

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at New Orleans Saints Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday the Seattle Seahawks fell short in their quest to move into first place in the NFC West, falling 39-32 to the New Orleans Saints. What may be even more painful than the defensive performance and losing to New Orleans for the second straight season could be the loss of several players due to injury, including running back Rashaad Penny.

Penny, of course, suffered an ankle injury during the third quarter and was then taken to the locker room on a cart after being unable to put any weight on the leg. Then, in his postgame press conference Pete Carroll referred to Penny’s injury in an ominous way.

Based on Carroll speak, Pete referring to the injury as “serious” likely brings about immediate thoughts of Penny’s season being over, and it was not long before NFL Insider Ian Rapoport broke the news on exactly what “serious” likely means.

That’s certainly not the news that most had wanted to see, but full results won’t be known until further tests are conducted Monday. In any case, here’s to wishing Penny the best and wishing him a speedy recovery regardless of how serious the injury is.