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Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The 2022 NFL trade deadline came and went on Tuesday afternoon without the Seattle Seahawks making any moves, neither adding any impact players nor dealing away anyone on the roster. However, after the deadline passed, the Hawks did make a move that was not unanticipated for regular readers of Field Gulls.

By waiving Sidney Jones the Seahawks create an additional $480,000 of cap space for the remainder of this season, with the potential for that amount to increase, depending on whether another team puts in a waiver claim for Jones. Specifically, once the trade deadline has passed, all players are subject to waivers, meaning that the other 31 teams are now able to put in a claim for Jones’ services should they so desire.

If another team does put in a claim, the new team would take on Jones’ contract and would be liable for the remaining $900,000 he is owed over the final ten weeks of the season. That would, of course, relieve the Seahawks of that liability, and free up an additional $900,000 of cap space. Whether or not the team would be able to recognize the full $900,000 of additional cap space will ultimately depend upon how the team opts to fill the open roster spot created by waiving Jones.