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Marquise Goodwin is the best WR3 Seahawks have had in quite some time

NFL: International Series-Seattle Seahawks at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Marquise Goodwin has only played in eight games but has already turned in some of the greatest catches this season for the Seattle Seahawks. His touchdown in the 4th quarter Germany was unbelievable.

As Seattle heads into the bye, 10 games played, Goodwin has the best yards per catch on the team.

And in a year already full of surprises, it hasn’t been Noah Fant or Dee Eskridge, but Marquise Goodwin, who has become the best WR3 for the Seahawks in almost 10 years.

Here’s some of the notable performances of Seattle’s third-most effective receiver over the years. I thought it would be David Moore, so I started with him.

2020 David Moore

35 receptions on 47 targets, 417 yards, 6 TD, 8.9 yards per target

2018 Jaron Brown

14 receptions on 19 targets, 5 TD!?!? (remember that?), 8.7 yards per target

2017 Tyler Lockett

45 receptions on 71 targets, 555 yards, 2 TD, 7.8 yards per target

That was the last season before Lockett became unstoppable. It’s a painful shame that he and DK Metcalf never overlapped with Doug Baldwin. This year it actually went Baldwin, Paul Richardson, and then Lockett.

2022 Marquise Goodwin

16 receptions on 22 targets, 217 yards, 3 TD, 9.9 yards per target!

Goodwin’s got a nice 73% catch rate this year, helping his average per attempt go way up beyond the other WR3s of recent years. At nearly a first down every time he’s targeted, with two ridiculous degree-of-difficulty touchdowns in particular, he has been a big help to the pass game. Goodwin is a crucial factor into how Geno Smith is able to spread the ball around so much.