Performance Graph @ 6 wins and 4 losses


Tampa Bay stayed true to their performance averages and their defense shut down the Seahawks. The Seahawks did not get the offense adjusted until the second half, which was too late. To me, it was obvious that the plays were taking way too long to develop, leaving either Geno or K9 in limbo. They went to a quick throw offense in the second half with success but a poor play call in the red zone left Geno out to dry again and an unfortunate fumble killed the comeback.

Next up is Las Vegas after the bye. LV is scoring at 23 points a game and giving up 25 on average. A good opportunity for the Seahawks to get back on track. Both the OC and DC need to work on adjusting to the game faster as it plays out ... Geno needs to work on dumping the ball to an outlet or out of bounds when things go bad.

User Guide

The zero line represents the opponent's season average points scored and allowed. The y-axis is also used to show Seahawk's actual game results for points scored and allowed.

Lines & Points

Note: These are team points and averages. They represent team results. They are not strictly offense and defense, although most of the points scored are by the offense and most of the points allowed are by the defense.

Green - Points scored (the green line across the graph is the average)

Yellow - Points allowed (the yellow line across the graph is the average)

Red - Points scored vs opponent's points allowed season average

Blue - Points allowed vs opponent's points scored season average

Thin Red and Blue wavy lines - Moving 4-week Average (MA)

Since there are so few games, the MA lines are just a visual confirmation of what you see with the actual game results. The other types of trend lines give exaggerated results with so few data points (linear, power, logarithmic, etc.).

The usual disclaimer applies. The graph does not adjust for any short-term circumstances that affect performance such as:

- Injury/Sickness/COVID

- Home/Away

- 3 or 5 game trends

- Weather

- Any other thing that can influence the performance.