A simple way to end tanking and make the season more fun

The rule goes like this. When the first regular season game of a season begins, any team that still owns its own first-round pick in the next draft forfeits that pick. That's it.

How I expect it to play out is that most teams would trade their first-round pick for that of another team that they expect to be about as good. Good teams trade their pick with other good teams. Bad teams trade with other bad teams. Bad teams still tend to get higher draft picks than good teams to help them catch up. In some cases, it could be a little unbalanced, such as a first and third for a first, if both teams expect the former team to be better than the latter.

So why do this, you ask? There are two reasons. First, it would end tanking. If a team doesn't own its own first-round pick, then there's no sense in tanking to make that pick higher. Teams would always want to win all of their games. That's good for the integrity of the game.

The other reason is that it would make the regular season more fun by giving many fans another rooting interest. Rooting for the Broncos to lose this season has been more fun than rooting against the 49ers or Rams in most seasons because the Seahawks own the Broncos' first-round pick next year.

This could mostly end the dichotomy of wanting your team to win because you want them to win, but benefiting from losing giving you a higher pick. Instead, you could unambiguously want your team to win, but also root for some other team to lose because you get their pick.