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PFF is Geno Smith’s new playground

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Denver Broncos v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Pro Football Focus (PFF) is a lot of things to a lot of people; not all of them good. For Geno Smith, through the first 10 weeks of the season, PFF is a veritable playground.

As the Seahawks enjoy their bye week, Geno’s PFF grades are:

  • Passing: 82.5
  • Running: 81.4
  • Overall: 85.9

Those proprietary grades have him ranked as the league’s 4th, 6th, and 4th-best quarterback, respectively.

To give that some context, the only quarterback who ranks higher than Geno Smith in all three categories is a guy whose mom doesn’t want announcers calling him Pat.

Not too shabby for a guy that darn near everyone wrote off (at worst) and/or considered a game manager (at best).


For most of us, this isn’t a big surprise. Smith has, after all, been leading the league in completion percentage from the very start and has shown that he can run Shane Waldron’s offense like he’s teaching a master class in efficiency.

By almost every measure - EPA, DVOA, % of passes that are catchable, QBR, passer rating, etc. - Geno is a Top-5 or Top-10 quarterback.

But here’s one that might surprise you ...

Courtesy of PFF:

No one - NO ONE - is better than Geno Smith on throws that travel 20+ yards in the air.

Methinks we should hear some GE-NO chants when the Las Vegas Raiders come to Lumen Field next weekend.

Until then, enjoy the bye week Mr. Smith; you’ve certainly earned it !!