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Podcast: What will the Seahawks do at quarterback in the 2023 draft?

Geno Smith, Seahawks QB1 in 2023? Or someone else?

Colorado v Washington Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

When the season started, many had anticipated that whether it was Geno Smith or Drew Lock as the starting quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, neither one of them would be the starter in 2023. Smith won the job, has played well, and now we’re talking about him potentially being a long or longish-term answer at QB heading into next year!

And yet, with two first-round picks and the potential for Geno Smith to come at a cost that the Seahawks may not necessarily be willing to pay, it makes the Seahawks’ 2023 QB decision an interesting one. They might go with Geno and re-sign Lock, or Geno and draft a QB early, or Geno and draft a QB in the middle rounds, or jettison Geno for an early-round rookie.

Field Gulls Podcast host Dan Viens is joined by 12th Man Rising’s Michael Thompson to talk about the Seahawks’ QB options in the 2023 draft, including a couple of local names who sit outside of the usual big names (Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, Will Levis, etc.)

Show description

Geno Smith looks more like a long-term fix at QB for the Seahawks with each passing game, but if Seattle were to use one of their extra draft picks on a future starter at the position in the 2023 draft, who could it be? Michael Thompson of 12th Man Rising joins Dan to take a deep dive into the class, including a look at two local passers who may be ideal developmental prospects.


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