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2023 Broncos Draft Picks Watch: Denver sinks to new low, can’t even beat the Panthers

The Broncos are now 3-8, much to the delight of Seahawks fans.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Carolina Panthers Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Wow. Just when you think the Denver Broncos (3-8) have hit rock bottom, they find new depths previously undiscovered.

Facing off against a Carolina Panthers (4-8) team that had no wins outside of the NFC South all season, the Russell Wilson-led offense was extraordinarily hopeless. Wilson was just 19/35 for 142 yards and a touchdown, and he lost a fumble two plays after a 52-yard run by Latavius Murray.

The Panthers pulled off a 23-10 home win behind 185 yards on the ground, as well as a reasonably effective performance by Sam Darnold, who threw for a touchdown and recovered his own fumble on a read-option and rolled into the end zone in a bizarre play.

In the third quarter, Broncos defensive lineman Mike Purcell was not happy with Russell. You can fill the conversation in your head as far as what was said.

Denver was 4/14 on 3rd down, averaged just 4.3 yards per play, and even their one touchdown was effectively in garbage time.

The Seattle Seahawks have Denver’s 2023 first- and second-round pick so the fact that this also hurt Carolina’s draft stock is a double win for Seattle. If you had an inkling that the Broncos could turn their season around because it’s Russell Wilson, that inkling should be squashed as of today. This team is injured, poorly coached, poorly playing, and cooked for the 2022 season.

Picks Status: Thanks to the Raiders’ win over the Seattle Seahawks, the Broncos pick actually moved up and now Denver’s first-rounder (which belongs to Seattle, we emphasize!) is now 4th overall.

Up next: A road game against the Baltimore Ravens. Yup.