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‘Definitely deserve that loss’ - Twitter reacts to the Seahawks’ overtime heartbreaker

Seattle lost 40-34 in overtime to the Las Vegas Raiders.

Las Vegas Raiders v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Dang it, dang it, dang it. They could have won that game, should have won that game, and by all accounts, the Raiders tried to give them that game.

But of course, things ended up materializing quite differently than many of us anticipate... The Seattle Seahawks stayed at home following their bye and hosted the Las Vegas Raiders, who entered this game holding a 3-7 record. Things got going pretty quick for the Seahawks, as Quandre Diggs jumped Derek Carr’s first pass... and then intercepted another shortly later. Unfortunately, this defense wouldn’t keep up this torrid pace all afternoon, as the team ultimately fell to the Raiders in overtime. A disappointing ending, to be sure, but it was an exciting game nonetheless. Still, confidence is rapidly eroding in this once plucky team that is starting to look just a little bit... less plucky.

To really understand this game, though, you need to understand how a particular sequence of plays late in the fame unfolded. First, the Seahawks’ defense appeared to force a critical red zone turnover on a Josh Jones fumble that Bruce Irvin recovered, but the play appeared to have been ruled down by down by contact. Pete Carroll had a particularly dramatic mic red flag drop on what appeared to be a fumble, but it was ultimately nullified by the chicanery that was about to follow.

Following the instantly infamous “forward progress” ruling, DK Metcalf had what appeared to be a reception and a first down taken away following an official review. Of course, I take no credit for any of the opinions expressed below, but the officials made some interesting (translation: game-altering) calls that generated some equally interesting reactions.

But you can’t blame anybody other than the Seahawks for letting yet another team run all over them. This defense has returned to its early season form, and the inspiring stops on 3rd/4th and short shouldn’t cloud the fact that they can’t consistently stop anybody.

But optimism isn’t completely off the table, as the Seahawks aren’t out of this one. They may be on the outside looking in, but they have some big games looming and can still get back on the right track.

The Offense had their ups and downs, but as they have shown for much of this season, they are more than capable of putting points on the board. The play calling may have been a bit uneven, but it was sporadically impressive, especially in some critical moments. Plus, Kenneth Walker found the end zone a couple more times today, even on an afternoon where he could find zero daylight otherwise.

Quandre Diggs had an incredible first quarter, picking off Derek Carr twice!

Poona Ford had an impressive couple of plays early on, and that was fun.

Of course there is always this:

All thoughts with Ryan Neal, who is an awesome guy and a huge part of this defense.

On to the Los Angeles Rams!