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The 12th Man: A short film starring Seahawks LB Darrell Taylor

This was somehow not flagged.

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

Week 12 started about as perfectly as it could for the Seattle Seahawks, with Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr dropping back to pass and completing a beautiful throw into the previously interception starved arms of free safety Quandre Diggs. For those who want to enjoy that moment again, here is the play.

Now, it’s certainly a great play by Diggs, and in the wake of the performance by the referees in the game, there has been no shortage of complaints from Seattle fans. However, what happened after the interception is something for Raiders fans to get worked up about.

Darrell Taylor running onto the field and joining the convoy of blockers in front of Diggs certainly didn’t impact the play a whole lot, but it is amusing in that the refs didn’t catch it in real time. Taylor’s body language through the remainder of the play as he gets in the way more than actually blocking seems to indicate he realizes he wasn’t supposed to be there. So, while the league officially credits Taylor with 18 defensive snaps played Sunday, it’s what he did on his unofficial snap that is likely to see his wallet get lighter.

And now it’s on to the last place Los Angeles Rams in Week 13.