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Seahawks throwback uniforms are finally coming in 2023

San Diego Chargers vs Seattle Seahawks - December 12, 1999 Photo by Tami Tomsic/Getty Images

The wait is almost over!

During the Seattle Seahawks’ overtime loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, the team announced that the 1990s throwbacks are coming next season. Here’s the teaser video to get you all pumped up (assuming you’re pro-throwback):

The Seahawks were one of the few teams unable to wear an alternate throwback uniform and that’s because of the “one helmet rule” the NFL has since abolished. Here’s the explanation on why such a policy existed in the first place:

Player safety was the primary reason the NFL previously told teams to stop using alternate helmets: Teams wanted every player to have one helmet that fit him properly, and not to alter it during the season. But the new policy addresses those concerns by requiring teams to have a new set of alternate helmets for every player on the roster, to ensure that all alternate helmets are the same make, model and size as the player’s primary helmet, and by requiring players to get fitted for both their primary and alternate helmets at the same time in training camp.

Alternate color helmets are now back on the table, which means the Seahawks can go back in time effective next year. They actually could’ve done so this season but better late than never.

I only wish they were 1980s throwbacks and not 1990s because, you know, the Seahawks were actually a good team for a fair chunk of the 1980s.