Thoughts after a rough loss

Three weeks ago the Seahawks were 6-3 and getting ready to play the first NFL game in Germany and they were sitting atop the NFC West and the playoffs looked like they may have a game be played in Seattle, but here we are now and the Seahawks sit at 6-5 having dropped an overtime game to a Raiders team that was on life support and had fans screaming for Josh McDaniels to be fired just two weeks ago. And now if the playoff started today the Seahawks would be on the outside looking in which is a position many assumed would happen following the trade of Russell Wilson to the Broncos (who we will get into a bit later), and while i’m not saying losing is acceptable and they shouldn’t push to make the playoffs and we as fans don’t have a right to be frustrated or disappointed let’s remember this team is ahead of schedule.

Amidst this two game losing streak against opponents that were very beatable the Seahawks have shown that while they are a team whose "rebuild" could be quicker than expected this team making noise in the playoffs is still a tad out of the picture. Now the Seahawks still have time to right the ship and get into the playoffs especially with games against the beat up Rams, a Panthers team that is very much in play for a top 5 draft pick and the Jets who have been up and down all season, but mixed into those games they also will see two teams who should be looked at as the favorites to represent their respective conferences in the Super Bowl, the 49ers (week 15 TNF) and a week 16 matchup vs Mahomes and the Chiefs in Arrowhead. The last few weeks of the season may really shape how this team heads into the off-season and specifically the draft which will see them have two first round picks for the first time since 2010 (Petes & Johns first year)

This draft could end up allowing the Seahawks to pick in the top 5, but not by the way many suspected heading into this season as most "experts" and fans alike agreed that the Seahawks would most likely be towards the bottom of the league, but it is actually Russell Wilson and the Broncos who very well may end up providing them with the higher draft pick. That is where how this season finishes will really play out because if the Seahawks are in a position to choose one of the top Quarterbacks in Bryce Young or CJ Stroud do they pull the trigger? Geno has played great, but while he has come back down to earth a bit in the last few weeks he will be due a significant pay raise thanks to his overall play. Or could they use their top pick to get stud rusher Will Anderson to help a defense that can’t seem to get after the opposing team's Quarterback? Those questions won't be answered until April.

Until then the Seahawks have time to get back on track and make this fun mostly surprising season a success by continuing to compete and have each game mean something which is after the offseason that they had is more than any of us could have asked for. And while losses like Sunday's to the Raiders and the one in Germany to the Buccaneers are frustrating and can be avoided by cleaning up their play, appreciating where we are from where many thought they would be can ultimately still make this a very successful season.