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A new Kenneth Walker III ‘K9’ shirt by BreakingT just dropped!

Officially licensed by the NFLPA!

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It hasn’t taken long for Kenneth Walker III to become a Seattle Seahawks fan favorite.

The second-round rookie running back from Michigan State has been electrifying since the unfortunate season-ending injury to Rashaad Penny. Walker already has 461 yards on just 85 carries, to go along with five touchdowns (four of them in the 4th quarter).

He can go from 0-to-60 in next to no time...

...And power through tacklers like a Baby Beast Mode.

Our affiliate partners at BreakingT have a new kickass Kenneth Walker III inspired shirt. I think it’s pretty well established that ‘K9’ is the nickname that we can roll with for him, and that’s the theme for this one!


Besides, how many of you have said “Walker’s got that dog in him” in the past several weeks?

The key details you need to know:

Officially licensed product of the National Football League Players Association.

Super-soft, durable tees and hoodies.

Designed and printed in the USA.

Free returns and exchanges.

Get your K9 Shirt today by clicking on this link!