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Ken Walker and Tariq Woolen named rookies of the month

NFL: New York Giants at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawk reloaded during the 2022 NFL Draft, and then immediately deployed several of those rookies into starting roles where they have been given a chance to shine. On both sides of the ball there has been no shortage of contributions from rookies, with Charles Cross, Ken Walker, Abraham Lucas, Coby Bryant and Tariq Woolen all starting for the team.

And now, just a couple of months into their time with the team, the NFL has taken notice of their on field performance. And I’m not talking about fans across the NFL or observers here, we’re talking about the actual organization itself.

Yes, Walker and Woolen have been named the rookies of the month by the NFL for the month of October. Not too shabby for a couple of youngsters who didn’t get to hear their name called on the first day of the draft, and with half the season left, it seems unlikely that these are the last times these names are heard in connection with awards this season and into the future as well. Pro Bowl voting starts soon, for those wondering.

In the meantime, congratulations to Walker and Woolen on their success, and hopefully that continues through the remainder of the season and into next year. Specifically into February, but that may be getting a little ahead of things.