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John Schneider gets safety help, adds former first-round pick to Seahawks roster

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Las Vegas Raiders Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, the Seattle Seahawks lost their waiver claim for running back Eno Benjamin because the Houston Texans had priority.

This time, they get their guy.

John Schneider has added safety Johnathan Abram to the squad, on waivers after being cut by the Green Bay Packers.

Thus the fascination with former first-round picks continues for Schneider, who at various points has traded for, signed, claimed - yet not often drafted - nearly everybody’s first round picks that become available.

Abram now continues his travels, as one of the disappointing 2019 Oakland Raiders three first-round draft picks. He was released earlier this year and picked up by Green Bay on November 10. Now, 4 weeks later, he has a new home yet again.

With Ryan Neal’s health in question, a defense that really just needs stability and answers has added a big-time prospect at safety. In his final year at Mississippi State, Abram had nine tackles for a loss and two interceptions and 99 total tackles.

Pete Carroll will hope to be able to help Abrams make the turnaround no one yet has, and perhaps he could see an entrance as the replacement for Josh Jones’ role on occasion.