Week #13 Who-Do-We-Want!

Number ONE: We Want, Nay, We NEED the Chicago Bears to beat the Green Bay Packers! This game alone, should cement the Denver Broncos in with the 2nd overall pick, just in case they happen to win one more game the rest of the Way!

Number TWO: Go Dolphins! Would love to see the Dolphins upset the 49ers this week for obvious reasons!

Number THREE: Go GIANTS! Need the Giants to take out the Washington Commanders, Just in Case!

Number FOUR: Go Steelers! Beat those Falcons!

Number FIVE: GO LIONS! Take out the Jags and get another win to ensure your pick is worse than Denver/Seattle.

Number SIX: Go Houston! Knock off the Browns and get your second win!

Number SEVEN: Go RAIDERS! get another win and ensure Denver has a better pick (for us)

Now, I'm going to assume that Seattle beats the Rams and the Ravens Beat the Brown-Cows!

Go Hawks!!!!