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Seahawks Film Review: Breaking down the 3 touchdowns against the Giants

New York Giants v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks offense has been humming over the last few weeks as they have scored three or more touchdowns in four of their last five games. Kenneth Walker lll, DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett have been the main source of those touchdowns, scoring 10 total in that span. Last Sunday’s victory over the New York Giants was no different as the trio each accounted for one touchdown. Down below we are going to break down each scoring play to get a sense as to how the Seahawks three headed monster is continuing to produce.

Touchdown #1 Geno Smith 3-yard touchdown pass to D.K. Metcalf

DK Metcalf was about as open as a receiver can possibly get in the end zone without a defender falling or getting picked. Metcalf runs a dig route right behind the Giants defender which forces him to lose sight of DK and step up to defend Dee Eskridge on the play. Off of the snap, Geno Smith did a good job of surveying the defense as well as sliding a bit to the side of the pocket to give him a fraction of a second longer to get the throw off to Metcalf.

The West Virginia alum importantly recognized that Metcalf was going to be open on the play before he even got out of his break. Had he picked him up a second later it potentially would’ve resulted in a sack or hurried throw. Smith has improved in just about every facet of his game this season and this play highlights the strides he has taken in both the pocket and reading the field.

Touchdown #2 Geno Smith 33-yard touchdown pass to Tyler Lockett

Tyler Lockett dropped an easy touchdown pass earlier in the game, but the 8-year pro was able to make up for it shortly after the fact as he hauled in a beautifully thrown ball from Geno Smith. Lockett ran a fantastic hitch and go which causes the cornerback Adoree’ Jackson to step up, completely taking him out of the play. On a lot of hitch and gos we see the receiver chop their feet and quickly drop a shoulder to make it look like they are flipping their shoulders for a curl and then go up field. Lockett instead ran this route with some creativity as he squared his hips and shoulders to be parallel to the line of scrimmage and then he accelerated right out of it to beat the defender.

Also, rather than losing any of his forward momentum which happens on some hitch and gos, Lockett uses what looks like a quick shuffle step where he planted his left foot in the ground and exploded off it up field. Whilst Lockett did create a lot of separation on the route, Geno Smith also throws a smart football. Rather than leading him further up the field which would have given the safety a shot at the ball, he instead forces Lockett to slow down making it impossible for anyone to defend the pass.

Touchdown #3 Kenneth Walker lll 16-yard touchdown run

Kenneth Walker lll is going to be a superstar in this league because of running plays like this one. This play had no business of being run for 3 yards let alone a 16-yard touchdown. K9 does what he does best which is create something out of nothing. The Giants completely blow the play up off of the snap with multiple defenders gaining instant penetration into the backfield. He is able to stop on a dime and flip his hips to the field side of the play to create an instant angle to the edge.

Walker lll shows off fantastic contact balance as he does not get tripped up by the attempted shoestring tackle and is able to maintain his center of gravity. He then cuts inside enough to where the linebackers slightly over pursues him making it easy for him to break the tackle. Plays such as this one are beyond impressive but Walker lll almost makes them look routine.

DK Metcalf also does a great acting job that had Adoree’ Jackson fooled.