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OPI?! Tyler Lockett admits he ‘got away with one’ on key touchdown vs. Cardinals

Offensive Pass Interference? You make the call.

Syndication: Arizona Republic Joe Rondone/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Arizona Cardinals star Budda Baker gave up a crucial touchdown in man coverage to Seattle Seahawks star Tyler Lockett on Sunday afternoon in Week 8.

He believes it should have been offensive pass interference, and, amusingly, Lockett actually agrees.

The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Arizona Cardinals 31-21 to expand their lead in the NFC West.

The play in question was a pretty big deal at the time. Seattle was still down 14-10, and it was 3rd-and-6 from the Arizona nine-yard line.

If you haven’t seen the play yet, Lockett ran into the endzone, changing momentum back towards the line of scrimmage - with no small amount of help from both Budda Baker’s shoulders.

Watching it live, my party and I immediately asked each other how exactly that play was allowed. Seems like it was a valid question.

Lockett is a pretty curious case, as penalties go. At multiple points in his career, he has drawn more defensive pass interference calls than any wide receiver. On the flip side, he’s incredible at making wide-open questions and hardly ever gets called for penalties himself.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that Lockett is 5’10” and currently listed at 180lbs.

It’s of course pure conjecture that size plays into the very professional NFL officials and their decision making, but Lockett also serves as an intriguing foil to 6’4” divinely-chiseled DK Metcalf, who seems to have dudes climb up one side and down the other without the benefit of a penalty.

In this case, it may serve to be a little guy.