Meltdown of the Week (11/6)

Apparently I've been setting the bar too low for recent meltdowns. Most of you correctly identified last week's post-game meltdown as belonging to the Steelers. So this week, I'm upping the difficulty. Instead of giving you two possible teams I'm giving you four to pick from.

The Contestants

In the South West corner, we have the Los Angeles Rams, who lost in absolutely hilarious fashion to next week's opponents, the Buccaneers. Turf Show Times is an even bigger dumpster fire than usual at the moment, with posters actually longing for the glory days of Jeff Fischer's 7-9 bullshit. (Yes, someone actually said that).

Behind door number two are the Arizona Cardinals, who just got pantsed by the NFCW leading Seattle Seahawks. There may not be a lot of people posting on Revenge of the Birds, but what they lack in quantity, they also lack in quality. They want to fire basically everybody not named DeAndre Hopkins, and then trade him for draft picks. Hard to believe these guys thought they were playoff bound back in August.

The 9ers are on a bye, and won last week. While they're still melting down at Niners Nation (because what else would they be doing) I couldn't make myself read through enough Christian McCaffery fan-fiction erotica to find usable content. So they're not in the contest.

Contender number three is the Packers. They did us a real solid today and doubled the Lions win total on the season. One more and they're tied with the Broncos... who are currently tied for 5th worst record in the league. As you might expect, losing to a 1 win lions team hasn't exactly brightened the mood in title-town.

At least one fan lamented that they didn't trade Rodgers to Denver when they had the chance because Quoth their GM "We're not Stupid" (said the fan, "Yes you are"), although my personal favorite was the guy who wanted Nathaniel Hackett back, and wanted them to fire Matt LeFleur and replace him with Hackett as soon as the latter gets fired by Denver.

And just a few paragraphs ago you thought the Rams fan longing for the good-ol-days of Fischerball was gonna be the dumbest thing you would read all week

Our final contestant is the Tennessee Titans. They just lost in heartbreaking fashion to the Chiefs on SNF in overtime. As you might expect of a 5-3 team, the meltdown over there isn't of the same proportions as it is elsewhere. My personal favorite comment was a guy who said the OC's motto is "if it ain't broke, fix it". In general they mostly seem upset that Malik Willis looking terrible is a bad omen for the future, and that Tannehill's league leading 40 million dollar cap hit in 2022 isn't a good sign for the present either.

The Meltdown

as always, this meltdown has been edited very lightly to obscure the posting team. Any and all errors of spelling, grammar, or common sense came with the initial post.

This season feels a whole lot different. Whats happening now all of a sudden is an implosion caused by poor management over several years.

This is not just a BAD QB PROBLEM, a questionable coaching staff, this coming more from the top.

Poor decisions on personnel, poor scouting resulting in a few not so good draft picks [some taken too high], both of these issues result in difficult cap decisions that may have been averted by trading away that heavy weight baggage at the time like LEFT TACKLE and QUARTERBACK or not signing them to such large contracts in the first place. You cant keep paying them outrage salaries.

So does today's quote come from Turf Show Times, from Revenge of The Birds, from Acme Packing Company, or from Music City Miracle?