Performance Graph Week 9


The points allowed (blue dashed line) was affected by the pick-6 this week. The overall defensive effort was better than shown by 7 points and would have been on par with the previous week.

Tampa Bay, next week, features points scored, and points allowed, of 18 points per game. Brady and their offense have not been very prolific and have leaned heavily on their defense to keep games close. This will be a good test to see if the Seahawks can continue the good play by the defense and offense.

Added 4 game moving average (MA) lines. The MA shows how the performance of the team for points scored and allowed is trending against the opponent's averages in the short term. The basic takeaway is that the MA lines should be above the axis at 0.0. That means that the team is doing better than average against their opponent each week.

Since there are so few games, the MA lines are just a visual confirmation of what you see with the actual game results. The other types of trend lines give exaggerated results with so few data points (linear, power, logarithmic, etc.).

Note: These are team points and averages. They represent team results. They are not strictly offense and defense, although most of the points scored are by the offense and most of the points allowed are by the defense.


The zero line represents the opponent's season average points scored and allowed. The y-axis is also used to show Seahawk's actual game results for points scored and allowed.

Lines & Points

Green - Points scored (the green line across the graph is the average)

Yellow - Points allowed (the yellow line across the graph is the average)

Red - Points scored vs opponent's points allowed season average

Blue - Points allowed vs opponent's points scored season average

The usual disclaimer applies. The graph does not adjust for any short-term circumstances that affect performance such as:

- Injury/Sickness/COVID

- Home/Away

- 3 or 5 game trends

- Weather

- Any other thing that can influence the performance.