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Post-Game Reaction Show: Seahawks get run out of a playoff spot by Panthers

The Seahawks lose another home game and fall to 7-6.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers are in a better position to make the playoffs at 5-8 than the Seattle Seahawks are at 7-6. It’s not as much fun when we’re the ones who are not benefiting from playing in a crummy division. As it turns out, if the Seahawks did play in the NFC South they’d be struggling for a playoff spot considering they’re 0-4 against those teams anyway.

Seattle’s offense struggled without a rushing attack, Geno Smith had some inaccurate throws and questionable decisions, and even when he was productive the defense just got lit up by the Carolina rushing attack to the tune of 224 yards. In the end it was a 30-24 loss that, if Carolina was a better team, would’ve been a thorough demolition job.

Just like that, the Seahawks are back out of a playoff spot and they may not get back in at this rate. Here to recap what we witnessed is Field Gulls Podcast host Dan Viens. There’s also a bonus two-round mock draft in there so if you want to skip the game, the mock draft starts at about 33:42.


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