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The Seahawks’ top two wideouts are having a great season

FiveThirtyEight has them as the league’s best tandem.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It has been somewhat lost amidst the attention that Geno Smith has been garnering with his sensational performance throughout the 2022 season, but Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf are having a phenomenal year.

Especially Lockett.

First off, there’s this beautiful feat . . . from the receiver with incredible feet:

Six straight games with a receiving touchdown .... that’s a new Seahawks franchise record!

Then there’s Lockett’s stats:

  • 71 receptions through 13 games (#13 overall)
  • 896 receiving yards (#11 overall)
  • 8 touchdowns (#5 overall)

Not to be forgotten, here’s where DK lands comparatively:

  • 72 receptions (#12 overall)
  • 869 receiving yards (#15 overall)
  • 6 touchdowns (tied for 11th overall)

But, what I really want to draw attention to is the current FiveThirtyEight Receiver Rankings.

From their site:

These ratings, updated weekly, use player-tracking data from NFL Next Gen Stats to evaluate every route a pass catcher runs and scores his performance in three phases of the game, from 0 to 99

The categories they score wide receivers and tight ends in are:

  • Getting Open
  • Making the Catch
  • Yards After Catch

They then combine that into an Overall Score.

DK’s scores are 73 for getting open, 74 for making the catch, and 41 for yards after catch, with an overall score of 72.

While those scores may sound low, the overall score has DK tied with Terry McLaurin for #12 league-wide, one spot ahead of Travis Kelce and DeVonta Smith (T-14).

Now, here are Tyler Lockett’s scores:

  • Getting Open: 97
  • Making the Catch: 93
  • Yards After Catch: 31
  • Overall Score: 92

That, folks, makes Lockett the league’s BEST receiver through the first 14 weeks of the season.

Stefon Diggs and Justin Jefferson are tied for #2 (91 overall); A.J. Brown is #4 (90); Ja’Marr Chase and Tyreek Hill are tied for #5 (84).

Bottom line: It’s been a heck of a season by Seattle’s top two wideouts . . . and there’s still at least 4 more games left to play.

Go Hawks!