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Seahawks Injury Updates: Tyler Lockett to have surgery, Bryan Mone has serious ACL injury

Lockett could return later this season.

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Christopher Mast/Getty Images

Pete Carroll gave several injury updates following the Seattle Seahawks’ Thursday night loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like everyone made it through unscathed.

Carroll mentioned the ailments of Al Woods, Jordyn Brooks and Tyler Lockett, with one positive addition of Kenneth Walker not being injured.

Lastly and most seriously, Bryan Mone’s season is over with an ACL injury.

Jordyn Brooks left the game in the second half, while Al Woods did not play and Tyler Lockett broke his finger late in the game.

Lockett’s injury is the biggest loss, but also presents the clearest path forward. Theoretically he could miss only one game and return, but with the season having gone the way it has, that will become a joint decision based on discernment and risk than anything else.

Brooks did not return to the game on Thursday, and could see his spot atop the NFL tackle list slip a few places in the coming weeks. Tanner Muse replaced Brooks mid-game while Cody Barton slid to the MLB spot.

Al Woods didn’t play in this game. Somehow, against a superior opponent, the Seahawks played better against the run this time than they did without him against the Carolina Panthers, but in general Woods has been the only player to make consistent impact up front most games.

Mone being out left the Seahawks even thinner at DL and now he won’t be back again this season. Expect Myles Adams to get more snaps in his absence.

Thursday Night Football continues to be a bad tradition from a player safety standpoint.