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A series of problems leading to Seahawks’ broken fundamentals

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Christopher Mast/Getty Images

The Thursday Night game was so weird.

On the one hand, it’s quite easy to argue that the Seattle Seahawks were outmatched in every facet of football. The lone exception might be at kicker, as Jason Myers drilled a couple right down the middle and the San Francisco 49ers only needed multiple extra point kicks. Disparity of roster was on full display in a dismal beatdown at home, etc.

On the other hand, up against the second most complete roster in the NFL, Seattle was a one-score game in the fourth quarter. They have a singular loss this season by more than one score, while beating four teams by 10 or more.

Instead of doomsday, I believe the Seattle Seahawks are a brutal combination of outmatched up front and poorly executing everywhere. I do not know what to make of this, and will provide no further commentary right now.

Here are the six best examples of a moment that shouldn’t have happened that changed the outcome of the game against the 49ers.

Tariq Woolen messes up for the first time since like Week 3, and Quandre Diggs can’t make a tackle.

*Honorable mention: growing ever more disappointed in Cody Barton’s unique ability to be in the right place at the right time and not make a play, as the second failed tackler here. He’s played technically well numerable times this season but then showed a lack of either speed or strength that gets beat too often.

Jordyn Brooks not making the read in time, and Quandre Diggs still unable to make a tackle.

Travis Homer did a bad. I officially repent of all Homer praise I have insinuated, both here and in my personal life.

*To be fair, this is Homer’s first career fumble, and that is a sentence you should appreciate. But is along the lines of what I’m trying to drill down on - a new problem seems to emerge once a game for this team, all the while they continue to struggle with some systemic ones. It’s weird.

DK Metcalf flagged for Unsportsmanlike - again.

Darrell Taylor probably the only guy in the Pacific Time Zone who would do this.

Super sick of this guy doing boneheaded things, but not having 10 sacks to go with it. If you don’t consistently affect the game, how in the world can you justify this kind of stuff?

Granted, this play did not change any outcome (neither did the Metcalf penalty), but both instances are inexcusable and could have flipped the field. This one should have, because it made it 4th-and-1 and I was very surprised Kyle Shanahan didn’t go for it.

Quandre Diggs doesn’t make the interception.

This does not include other game-breaking realities, like how Austin Blythe has become so bad that opposing defenses can call “up the middle” and something horrible happens to the Seahawks.

This is a quick check-in, without trying to place blame, of where the team is, currently. Seattle has wildly outperformed pre-season expectations. Then they collapsed far harder than should have been allowed, bringing up all the old roster debates. While there are significant weaknesses primarily along the defensive line, there have largely been blatant blunders each game that have prevented the Seahawks from finishing off opponents.

The season has given the impression, apart from the four-game stretch in November, that each opponent has risen to the occasion against the Seahawks, while the Hawks themselves have played far beneath their capabilities.

You can’t draft that.

But you can fix it, if players are willing to listen, and I hope they do this offseason.