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NFC Playoff Picture: Seahawks playoff chances take a hit with Packers win over Dolphins

Tua just got intercepted again.

Green Bay Packers v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks might have had all the help imaginable to offset losing to the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday, but one result on Christmas Day just knocked their already low chances down a little lower.

In an upset that has implications for both the AFC and NFC, the Green Bay Packers went to Florida and rallied to beat the Miami Dolphins by a score of 26-20. Tua Tagovailoa threw three interceptions on Miami’s final three possessions, and after having dreams of winning the AFC East the Dolphins have lost four in a row and are now 8-7. They are still in good playoff position but if they lose at the New England Patriots next Sunday then an all-time collapse is on the cards.

On the flip side, the Packers have legitimately revived their playoff hopes. They still do not control their destiny but they are tied with the Detroit Lions and Seahawks for 7-8. By tiebreaker separation Seattle is ahead of Detroit and Detroit is ahead of Green Bay on head-to-head results. However, the Lions and Packers play each other in Week 18 at Lambeau so that tiebreaker will flip one way or another. If the Packers and Seahawks finish with identical 9-8 records then Green Bay has the edge via superior conference record.

Green Bay is in the playoffs if they win out and the Commanders lose just once—that’s the deal for them. The nearly impossible now looks very possible for a team that was once 4-8!

If you are still interested in the playoffs, the Seahawks need to win out and need at least one loss from both the Packers and Commanders to qualify.

Remaining Schedules

Seahawks: vs. Jets, vs. Rams

Commanders: vs. Browns, vs. Cowboys

Packers: vs. Vikings, vs. Lions

It’s gonna be dramatic!