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NFC Playoff Picture: Week 17 rooting guide for the Seahawks


Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks have made life very hard for themselves after squandering a 6-3 start. Sitting at 7-8, they need help to make the postseason and obviously they need to actually win football games again. Some are partying like its 2010 and actively questioning whether it’s even a good thing if the Seahawks make the playoffs. I’ve learned my lesson from last time and unlike that season Seattle has someone else’s first-round pick.

Anyway, here’s a playoff rooting guide that through dumb luck also has some level of “Broncos Draft Pick Watch” to it.

For a refresher, here are the current relevant NFC standings:

Wild Card

5.) Dallas Cowboys (11-4)

6.) New York Giants (8-6-1)

7.) Washington Commanders (7-7-1)


First three teams out

8.) Seattle Seahawks (7-8)

9.) Detroit Lions (7-8)

10.) Green Bay Packers (7-8)

Dallas Cowboys over Tennessee Titans


The Titans are clearly not trying to win and have no incentive to; next week’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars is for the AFC South title regardless of this week’s results. A Dallas win puts the pressure on the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East race. Speaking of which...

New Orleans Saints over Philadelphia Eagles


A Saints win not only distances themselves (well, it’s the Eagles’ first-round pick now) in the draft order from the Denver Broncos, but a Cowboys win + Eagles loss means both Dallas and Philly will surely have to play their starters entering Week 18. Dallas would still have a chance to win the NFC East and Philadelphia would need to win to remain both division champ and the #1 seed.

The Cowboys play the Washington Commanders and the Eagles play the New York Giants in Week 18, so if they’re both at full strength that could benefit Seattle tremendously if the Seahawks still have something to play for.

Cleveland Browns over Washington Commanders


Self-explanatory. Seattle doesn’t get into the playoffs if the Commanders win out and the Giants win at least once.

Indianapolis Colts over New York Giants


This benefits Seattle in the NFL Draft order if the Colts steer clear of the Broncos, but also there is a scenario where the Seahawks can make the playoffs as a result of the Giants losing out. It’d be a real bonus if the Giants and Commanders both lost out and then the Seahawks would just need to win out and not worry about how the Green Bay Packers fare.

Given the aggressive shittiness of the Colts, this is almost destined to work out poorly. The Giants are in the playoffs with one win.

Chicago Bears over Detroit Lions


Again, a Bears win is potentially monstrous for the Seahawks’ draft stock, especially if the Denver Broncos lose out. That would open the door for Seattle to pick at 2nd overall.

The Seahawks have a tiebreaker on the Lions but a Seattle win + Lions loss eliminates Detroit from postseason contention.

Minnesota Vikings over Green Bay Packers


The simplest route to the playoffs for the Seahawks is win out + Commanders loss + Packers loss. Minnesota beat Green Bay in Week 1 and it is their only win by multiple scores this entire season. We could do with the Vikings sweeping the Pack up.


Teams the Seahawks want to win: Cowboys, Saints, Browns, Colts, Bears, and Vikings

Most important: Browns and Vikings

Seattle can only control its own games, but a little help along the way would be nice!