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SBNation Reacts Results: Seahawks fan confidence doesn’t feel loss to Chiefs

Seattle Seahawks v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, a survey of fans across the NFL. Each week we ask questions of the most plugged-in Seattle Seahawks fans and fans across the country.

It has been a rough couple of months for the Seahawks, with the team posting a lone win during the month of November, followed by a December that yielded just a single victory as well. The cold streak of the back half of the schedule has left Seattle on the outside of the playoff picture, but still technically alive in the playoff race, even if it would require a significant amount of help.

Regardless of the outcome of the on field performance for the team in recent weeks, fan confidence remained steady following the 24-10 loss to the 12-3 Kansas City Chiefs.

This makes sense, given the fact that while fans certainly hoped for better outcomes on the field, it was no secret that 2022 would be a rebuilding year for the Hawks. Pete Carroll and John Schneider can insist all they want that it was not a rebuild, but the team simply lost too much experience in the offseason and was relying on too many youngsters for realistic expectations to be much higher.

That said, fan confidence has not remained steady for the other teams across the NFC West. The division champion San Francisco 49ers, of course, are enjoying high levels of fan confidence, in spite of a myriad of injuries at the quarterback position this season.

Meanwhile, down in the desert, the confidence of the fans of Arizona Cardinals is nowhere to be found.

It’s certainly not shocking for confidence to be in the dumbs like that given the state of their roster and the injury to Kyler Murray, with that on top of the fact that the GM is on a health related leave of absence. Of course, most of those developments came after fan confidence hit single digits, but it’s not as if it started off very high to begin with.

Moving on to the final member of the division, the defending Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams, who missed the playoffs this season, have experienced a recent upswing in confidence.

This comes on the heels of resounding victories over the football powerhouses of the Las Vegas Raiders (6-9) and the Denver Broncos (4-11). So, speaking of the Broncos, Denver shares with readers one weird trick to instantly improve fan confidence: Fire the head coach.

Lose on national television by 37 points to an opponent who entered the game with four wins on the season and was starting its third quarterback of the year? Perfect recipe to inject mountains of fan confidence by simply firing the head coach who was obviously in over his head.

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