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Watch: Tyler Lockett ties franchise receiving record!

Las Vegas Raiders v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

Following an LA Rams score on their first drive of the game, the Seattle Seahawks needed to respond. Tyler Lockett did his part and capped off the opening drive for the Hawks with a 36 yard catch-and-run touchdown, which marks his fifth consecutive game with at least one touchdown. Not only is this impressive, but it ties a franchise record, according to the team PR department.

Lockett has been steadily climbing the team leader boards all season. According to Pro Football Reference, he currently ranks 2nd all-time with 51 receiving touchdowns; he is decently behind Steve Largent, obviously, but he did surpass recent legend Doug Baldwin this season, which is noteworthy to be sure. He also sits at 3rd in receptions, behind Brian Blades (581) and — again — Steve Largent (819). This particular score was fun to watch, as Lockett made a great effort after the catch. So go ahead and watch the highlight below!