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Los Angeles Rams bring Baker Mayfield to the NFC West

NFL: Denver Broncos at Carolina Panthers Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Baker Mayfield has ended up in the NFC West after all. What a ride it has been.

Instead of trading a bunch of firsts for somebody elite like Russell Wilson, the Los Angeles Rams opted to trickle theirs away over the course of a decade for a handful of players, including QB Matthew Stafford. That same Stafford will not finish the season and some of even wondered about the remainder of his career.

Now, they’ve brought in Mayfield for the....home stretch?

No one else put in a waiver claim for Baker.

The Baker Mayfield saga is bizarre and close to home, as he was a heavy fan-favorite this offseason to replace Wilson. Instead, he held out of a sort, was traded to the Carolina Panthers and has, well, sucked.

He’s actually been outperformed by Wilson (this year), which has been somewhat rare. He’s got 6 TD to 6 INT, and is a couple dozen throws from a 50% completion percentage this year. He has two games with a QBR in the single digits.

And yet, with three wins on the season, Los Angeles is apparently unconfident in John Wolford to finish the season. Why? Why do the Rams do anything?

The Seahawks will host L.A. for the final game of the season on January 8th.