The first Seahawks Mock Draft of 2022

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We are still a long way from the draft, but it's worth the time to start looking at who is out there. For the next few weeks, we have to imagine what happens in FA, so I will do that. I am assuming they bring back most of our guys including Dwayne Brown, Diggs, the CBs and Penny, etc. I will adjust who we look at as reality takes over.

All drafts have tiers and the quality of players are perceived to be similar throughout that tier. Most years there is the top of the draft tier where there is usually 1 to 5 at the most. Then there are there can't miss first rounders and that tier typically runs through 15 or 20. Usually then there is a tier that is the same as that, but these prospects typically have a drawback that makes you question them, like small school or one year of production or physically not the prototype. Usually, this tier runs from the end of the 1st through the 2nd and sometimes into the third. This year's draft is working out a little different. There doesn't seem to be much of any solid top tier and only a few can't miss 1st rounders. So far, unless you are picking in the top 5 you are looking at a fairly flat plateau from the 6th-ish pick all the way through the 3rd round. This is great for us, since we can possibly get a late 1st round talent all the way in the 3rd, but it also creates instability. The ability to project guys in that late 1st through the 3rd appears to be very volatile this year. It is early though and things may start to stand out after the combine.



I am not a scout, nor do I pretend to be. I will give my thought process on drafting a guy, but will link and copy to other scouts and give you what they think of him, which is probably much higher quality than what you would get from me.

Draft Position

Instead of trying to figure out what trades will happen and have a bunch of you tell me how unrealistic they are, I am bypassing that completely. Instead, I am going to look at someone who might be available at round transition times. Starting with the end of the 1st/start of the 2nd, I will walk my way down the draft.

We don't know where anyone will be drafted, so don't @ me with an argument about someone won't be available when, that is completely besides the point. The point is that we look at a bunch of players who may be available and of interest to PCJS.


Round 1/2 DT Devonte Wyatt - Georgia

Round 2/3 DE/OLB Nik Bonitto - Oklahoma

Round 3/4 OT Nick Petit-Frere - Ohio State

Round 4/5 TE Isaiah Likely - Coastal Carolina

Round 5/6 FS Verone Mckinley - Oregon

Round 6/7 RB Hassan Haskins - Michigan

Pick-by-pick Breakdown

Seahawks at pick Round 1/2 DT Devonte Wyatt - Georgia

Measurements: 6-3 315

A disruptive 3T who can destroy the pocket from the inside. I am more and more convinced this position is vital to make the whole defense flow. He has the talent and drive to be a year one starter. Highly active defensive tackle with decent strength. Wyatt is made for movement and disruptions. He helped himself in 2021 with better tape both against the run and as a pass rusher. His lateral quickness is useful in beating zone blocks and in sliding across the front in a game-based pass rush. Wyatt has adequate strength but struggles to withstand a second blocker. The traits are average, but the effort is consistent and Wyatt should fit nicely as a rotational, gap-seeking three-technique with disruptive flashes.

The Draft Network A versatile defender, Wyatt can align anywhere along the line of scrimmage. having had success playing 0-tech all the way to rushing outside at 7-tech. A player whose best football is still ahead of him, Wyatt has the size, length, pass rush instincts, and athleticism to develop into a consistent interior rusher at the next level.

Seahawks at pick Round 2/3 DE/OLB Nik Bonitto - Oklahoma

Measurements: 6-3 240

Most years Bonitto would be considered an early second round pick and maybe even the end of the 1st, but there are a glut of pass rushers this year and we can reap the benefits. He is a bit of a tweener size wise, which makes him a perfect LEO type of a guy. Bottom line though is that he gets to the QB. He averaged multiple pressures a game for the last two seasons. In the least, he will be a pass rush specialist as a rookie. He's a wildly athletic rusher who blends get-off, stride length and flexibility into one alarming package for tackles trying to slow him down. Rush counters come instinctively and his ability to seamlessly transition his attack from outside to inside makes him a projectable rusher against athletic tackles as a pro.

The Draft Network As a pass rusher, Bonitto wins with speed, quickness, body control, and bend. He has excellent get-off to gain the edge and has flexibility in his ankles to bend tight angles. He is creative in his rush moves and is extremely hard to land punches on as he has excellent lateral agility to make offensive linemen miss. He can knife through gaps, contorting his body and slipping through. Bonitto plays with outstanding effort and is relentless in his rush. His lack of length and power allows him to get covered up if stronger offensive linemen get their hands on him early, but he often gets late in the down production due to sheer motor. In the run game, Bonitto is above average setting the edge and is quick to disengage and locate the football. He is an excellent tackler in the open field as well. Bonitto shows well in coverage, having the eyes and awareness to drop in zone and the athleticism to cover in man.

Seahawks pick at Round 3/4 OT Nick Petit-Frere - Ohio State

Measurements: 6-5 315

This is drafting on potential. Getting a LT in the draft, unless it is in the top 10, won't buy you a LT starter on day one. I still have hope that Stone develops into a starting RT and Nick is my current bet at LT down the road. Talented, athletic left tackle prospect who needs more time to develop before he's ready for next-level edge attacks. Petit-Frere possesses clutch strength and mirror quickness in pass pro but is soft on his edges, which will be identified and attacked until his play strength and hand-fighting improve. His inability to stalemate stronger players with consistency is a real concern in any scheme. He has plus play traits at a high-priority position but erratic reps against Michigan's power and Penn State's quickness generate a "buyer beware" label on a high-floor, low-ceiling left tackle with Day 2 value.

The Draft Network I like him best in a zone-heavy offense, as that's what he was asked to execute most frequently at Ohio State, but I think he's conceptually a scheme flexible player that can drive block, step and flow laterally to run backside cutoff, or take vertical sets in deep-set passing—which Ohio State did a fair amount of out of play-action passes. I'm highly encouraged by the development we've seen from Petit-Frere over the course of his time in Columbus. He's successfully maintained an athletic profile worthy of a first-round tackle despite reportedly adding some 40 pounds onto his frame since first arriving on campus. That's a testament to how athletic he really is and suggests he's continuing to grow and mature into his NFL-caliber frame.

Seahawks select at Round 4/5 TE Isaiah Likely - Coastal Carolina

Measurements: 6-4 240

I know I caveated above that I am not worried about projections because we know they will change, but.....This guy looks so good. I honestly think if he came from Alabama or Michigan or something like that he would be projected as a high 2nd rounder. Super athletic receiving TE, who is a good and willing blocker. I'm not saying he can block like an OT, but that he no Jimmy, he will do his best to stick a guy. I am guessing he will shoot up the board, throughout this process, but for now he looks like a steal the beginning of the 5th. Tight end prospect with an intangibles profile and positional traits that make him projectable to the next level. Likely was a winner in high school and played a pivotal role in the ascension of Coastal Carolina over the past two seasons. He lacks a prototypical tight end frame and is an inconsistent blocker, but he runs well and filled up his career stat sheet with big plays. It could take Likely a year or two to find his footing against stronger, faster coverage, but he has the tools to uncover against NFL coverage as an "F" tight end.

The Draft Network Likely has been named to the All-Sun-Belt first team twice, been named a John Mackey award semi-finalist, and was named to the Biletnikoff preseason watch list. Likely is an athletic tight end that thrives at stretching the field vertically. He has good speed to not only get vertical but can run away from most Sun Belt defenders. At Coastal Carolina, they lined him up in multiple different positions and he thrives at all of them. He has shown to be a natural hands-catcher and can turn up the field to be a good run after the catch option for offenses. In the NFL, Likely will be best served as an offensive weapon, he has the athleticism, toughness, and natural hands to play all over the field and should serve as a mismatch for offenses.

Seahawks select at Round FS Verone Mckinley - Oregon

Measurements: 5-11 194

I know they are going to try and re-sign Diggs and I hope they do, but we need some depth that works and hopefully can take over in a couple of years. This guys bio screams as a repeat of Diggs. Leader, playmaker, but isn't going to wow you at the combine or getting off the bus. Productive safety who will create a classic matchup pitting the traits versus the tape. In one corner we have an undersized, short-armed safety with average speed. In the other corner we have game tape highlighting McKinley's instincts, short-area quickness, aggressive demeanor and nose for making plays on the football. He's going to give way to some of the bigger bodies he'll encounter in the NFL, but he's a natural football player with an above-average feel for timing and angles. The traits could impact his draft slotting, but McKinley has the talent to make plays as a nickel safety.

The Draft Network As a redshirt freshman, McKinley led the Pac-12 in interceptions with four and that was while playing next to 2021 second-round pick Jevon Holland. But what Oregon fans have quickly realized is that it's not just McKinley's ball production that makes him such an important player for the team, it's his leadership ability. Nicknamed "The General" by his teammates and coaches, McKinley is the unquestioned leader of this football team and is referred to as a coach on the field. He is constantly lining up his teammates on defense, calling out alerts and tendencies when the offense comes out in certain schemes.

Seahawks select at Round 6/7 RB Hassan Haskins - Michigan

Measurements: 6-1 220 Big runner who is much more workmanlike than dynamic with the ball in his hands. In his lone season as a lead back, Haskins' downhill, physical style was well-paired with the "cloud of dust" rushing philosophy for Michigan. He might be forced to run with less patience and more urgency to stay a step ahead of NFL pursuit. While he played the role he was cast into, there were signs (versus Penn State) that he might have some potential as an inside/outside back. Haskins won't make a living out of dodging tacklers, and big chain-movers who lack wiggle are not hard to find. He still has a chance to stick in the NFL if he lands in the right situation.

The Draft Network A stout running back who will tip the scales around 220 pounds on gameday, Haskins has a physical, grinding approach to his carries and wears down opposing defenses, as best evidenced by his monster performance against the Ohio State Buckeyes in Michigan's big win to help propel them to the CFP. But what makes Haskins interesting is that he isn't just a jackhammer runner. He's got a fair level of juice in the open field to run away from tacklers and break pursuit angles in the process, giving him some dynamic upside.