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2022 NFL Draft Order: Seahawks increase from six to eight picks following Russell Wilson trade

NFL Draft Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

We are just six weeks away from the 2022 NFL Draft in Las Vegas, Nevada. At this same time last week, the Seattle Seahawks had six draft picks and none in the first round as a result of the trade for Jamal Adams. By trading Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos, Seattle now has a first-rounder in this year’s Draft and two first-round picks for 2023 (Denver’s and their own), as well as a pair of second-rounders (again, Denver and their own) over the next two years.

Seattle also gave up a 2022 fourth-rounder but got back a fifth-rounder, so here’s the situation post-Wilson trade:

Seahawks draft picks before Russell Wilson trade

Round 1: N/A

Round 2: 41st overall

Round 3: 74th overall

Round 4: Two picks

Round 5: One pick

Round 6: N/A

Round 7: One pick

Seahawks draft picks after Russell Wilson trade

Round 1: 9th overall

Round 2: 40th and 41st overall

Round 3: 74th overall

Round 4: One pick

Round 5: Two picks

Round 6: N/A

Round 7: One pick

The full draft order will be known in several weeks once comp picks are sorted out.

At #9 overall truly all the options are on the table for the Seahawks. They could take a quarterback, edge rusher, defensive lineman, offensive lineman, or trade down and acquire more picks like we’re used to seeing from them.

...Or perhaps, that #9 pick will be used to trade for a quarterback? Stay tuned.