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Colin Kaepernick sends out a tweet looking for pass catchers, Tyler Lockett responds

Colin Kaepernick NFL Workout Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sent out a request looking for pro wide receivers to work out with, and he quickly got a reply from one of the best in the game.

Kaepernick responded, and it is now sounding like they will be working out at a time TBD tomorrow, according to his twitter account.

Tyler Lockett has been catching passes almost exclusively from Russell Wilson throughout his NFL career, and this is the first season where we can feel pretty certain that is going to change (I only say “pretty certain” since the team is reportedly open to trading Lockett, apparently and much to my chagrin). This is not to suggest that this workout means that Colin Kaepernick is going to be the starting QB in Seattle next season, or even on the roster... HOWEVER, the team is currently featuring one former Denver Broncos signal caller Drew Lock, whom Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reports that the team views as a “viable” option at the position... which is just fine for them. But Colin Kaepernick has apparently remained in great shape and continues to work out consistently, as he says in the above tweet; if you compare his numbers to Lock’s over their first three seasons, it is pretty clear why Kaep was once viewed as the future of San Francisco and Lock was essentially relegated to an afterthought in a blockbuster trade for a much better QB.

The fact that Colin Kaepernick remains perpetually unsigned — year after year — looms large for a league that eternally struggles to address issues of justice and equity in its practices and policies. This fact aside, his age pretty obviously precludes him from being the “future” at quarterback for a team like the Seattle Seahawks; however his veteran presence could still offer some benefits in a locker room that is now bereft of multiple long-time leaders. For a team that is guaranteed to look much, much different in 2022, this leadership may be more valuable now than ever.