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Seahawks no longer connected to Deshaun Watson rumors

Houston Texans v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Rob Leiter via Getty Images

The reported interest in Deshaun Watson was apparently just a flash in the pan, where the Seattle Seahawks are concerned.

Multiple sources are now reporting that the Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints remain the two teams invested in acquiring Watson from the Houston Texans.

At one point, Seattle had gained serious traction as a pursuer for Watson, but by the end of Free Agency Day 1 that had passed.

Watson has a no-trade clause, and additional reports are that the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers are the only two teams he’d wave it for at the moment.

Mitch Trubisky signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday, and the Minnesota Vikings extended Kirk Cousins. Tom Brady came out of retirement to return to Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Carson Wentz was traded to the Washington Commanders. The pool of experienced quarterbacks available grows smaller.

Colin Kaepernick has replaced Watson as the name most connected to the Seahawks at the moment, simply because there are no other significant rumors and his recent workout with Tyler Lockett.