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2022 NFL Draft: As expected, no compensatory picks for Seahawks (again)

NFL: APR 27 2018 NFL Draft Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Yes, I’m reusing a headline that was written last year.

The NFL awarded its compensatory picks on Tuesday, and as we figured a few months ago the Seattle Seahawks are not among those getting additional draft slots this April in Las Vegas.

The San Francisco 49ers received five comp picks, the Los Angeles Rams have four, and the Arizona Cardinals get three.

Unlike in 2021, when the Seahawks only had four picks total entering the draft (and wound up with just three), this year’s team isn’t short on draft capital. Instead of three picks for the whole draft, they’ve got three just within the first two rounds and eight overall. How did that happen? We don’t need to rehash that.

As a reminder, these are the draft picks the Seahawks have at the moment:

Round 1: 9th overall

Round 2: 40th and 41st overall

Round 3: 74th overall

Round 4: One pick

Round 5: Two picks

Round 6: N/A

Round 7: One pick