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Takeaways from Wednesday’s Pete Carroll and John Schneider press conference

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Pete Carroll and John Schneider made their first media appearance since the trading of Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks to the Denver Broncos. There was certainly more intrigue than normal given what transpired, and there were a lot of eyebrow raising (and eyerolling, to some) statements made by both the head coach and the general manager.

Here’s the cliff notes version of what we saw and heard.

Second chance, second chance, second chance

The press conference began with a 15-minute rambling monologue by Coach Carroll about everything from football philosophy to the team’s historical embracing of giving players second chances. This included trading for Marshawn Lynch, trading for Quandre Diggs after he fell out of favor in Detroit, to Jamal Adams after things went sour in New York, to Colin Kaepernick’s recent workout with Tyler Lockett, to the acquisition of Drew Lock.

I honestly thought we weren’t going to get any questions fielded because Carroll was going on forever.

Russell Wilson was never destined to be a Seahawks player for much longer

Wilson’s contract was up at the end of the 2023 season. It was already reported that he was looking for “Mahomes money” for his next deal. Based on John Schneider’s comments, this was never really in the cards.

They were also tight-lipped about the rift that prompted the trade, while opting for the more PR-friendly move of praising Wilson’s time in Seattle.

Jody Allen was supportive and involved throughout the Wilson trade

Carroll and Schneider are bullish on Drew Lock

...I mean they have to be, at least publicly.

A competition could still happen

Rebuild? What rebuild?!

Trading away your franchise quarterback without getting a demonstrably very good quarterback in return is normally an indicator of a rebuild. Pete’s not into that line of thinking. In fact he likes Seattle’s title chances if Lock can play similarly to the early part of his Broncos career.

The Seahawks like having that draft capital

Seattle has eight picks in 2022 and three of them are within the top-41. Schneider in particular is optimistic about these next couple of draft classes and once again parroted the “COVID years” line for the two firsts they gave up for Jamal Adams.

They admitted the Bobby Wagner release was botched

At least the timing of it was. Wagner seemingly learned of his Seahawks exit through Adam Schefter’s tweet, with the release made official the following day. If you thought Bobby was lying for some reason, Pete and John were regretful over how this was all handled.

Never take anything at face value in this business. We know it all too well in light of recent events.

If you want the full video then look out below: