2022 Seahawks Mock Draft - Post-free agency start

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So, the initial free agency is done and that gives us a little bit more clarity. I am of the belief, that there is a really good chance they hold onto their current QB situation and see what happens. This system made Jared Goff look really good, so who knows. Either way, I would love to see this as a building block draft to set the foundation going forward. Truthfully, I am very excited for something like this to flow out.

Take a look at the other mocks I have done, for more prospects to follow:

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I am not a scout, nor do I pretend to be. I will give my thought process on drafting a guy, but will link and copy to other scouts and give you what they think of him, which is probably much higher quality than what you would get from me.

Draft Position

Instead of trying to figure out what trades will happen and have a bunch of you tell me how unrealistic they are, I am bypassing that completely. Instead, I am going to look at someone who might be available in each round.

We don't know where anyone will be drafted, so don't @ me with an argument about someone won't be available when, that is completely beside the point. The point is that we look at a bunch of players who may be available and of interest to PCJS.


Round 1 LT Charles Cross - Miss State

Round 2 DT Travis Jones - UConn

Round 3 LB Quay Walker - Georgia

Round 4 CB Marcus Jones - Houston

Round 5 RB Pierre Strong - SDSU

Round 6 WR Erik Ezukanma - Texas Tech

Round 7 K Cade York - LSU


Pick-by-pick Breakdown

Seahawks at pick Round 1 LT Charles Cross - Miss State

Measurements: 6'-5" 307

40 Yard Dash-4.95

Vertical Jump-26

Broad Jump-112

3 Cone Drill-7.88

20 Yd Shuttle-4.61

When you get the opportunity to pick this high, you take a LT that will start for you for the next 10-15 years. Two-year starter who plays with a high level of consistency from game to game, no matter the opponent. Cross is an average athlete but he's strong, plays to his length and has sticky, strong hands. Despite limited starting experience, he's well-schooled and knows how to play. He has average slide range, so edge rockets are going to beat him to the top of the rush at times, but he does a nice job of utilizing length and footwork to recover when beaten. He plays with strong, inside hands and a broad, powerful core. He's an ace at neutralizing power rushers and is above average in sustain and finish modes as a drive blocker. Cross' play strength, hand placement and body control should allow for a relatively smooth transition into the league, where he can become a good, long-time starter at either tackle position.

The Draft Network Cross is an exceptional athlete with a great initial first step that makes it difficult for edge rushers to beat him around the edge. He is a fluid athlete in the open field, making it easy to redirect and match defenders' counter moves. In the NFL, Cross' best position will be as a left tackle who can athletically match up with some of the best edge rushers in the NFL. Cross lacks the true strength at the point of attack to be a dominant run defender, but in the right offense, he will be a great pass protector.


Seahawks at pick Round 2 DT Travis Jones - UConn

Measurements: 6-4 325

40 Yard Dash-4.92

Vertical Jump-28.5

Broad Jump-110

3 Cone Drill-7.33

20 Yd Shuttle-4.58

A versatile NT to clog up and stop the middle of the 3-4. He is more run than pass stopper, but he will push the pocket enough that you keep him out there. Nose tackle with size and power that fuels his rumbling playing style. Jones lacks explosive get-off and hand twitch. He's unlikely to be a quick-win defender, but the anchor and upper-body power are present for gap-control duties once he gets his footwork and hand usage schooled up. He was a standout on a bad defense and more than held his own against the toughest competition he faced. Jones has the demeanor, traits and overall ability to become a successful run-plugger and potential starter in a two-gapping scheme.

The Draft Network While Jones profiles best to a 1-technique/nose tackle role that provides most of his value on running downs, he is a terrific athlete for his size and has found ways to apply consistent pressure on the quarterback despite all of the challenging dynamics to consider within the Huskies defense. Jones is a stout run defender that frequently resets the line of scrimmage and is unselfish in how he takes on blocks, eats space, and keeps the second level clean. He is a strong processor against the run that is rarely out of his fit. As a pass rusher, Jones is an excellent pocket pusher that has active hands and the ability to power through rush angles. There are plenty of reasons to believe that under better circumstances and given his unique physical skill set and body transformation that he will be an even better pro than college player.


Seahawks at pick Round 3 LB Quay Walker - Georgia

Measurements: 6-4 241

40 Yard Dash-4.52

Vertical Jump-32

Broad Jump-122

Still raw and developing, but super exciting playmaking ability.

The Draft Network Walker is an uber athletic and rangy linebacker. His impact is felt in the run game, in coverage, and pressuring the quarterback. Prior to 2021, Walker did not start a game until the 2020 season. His lack of starting experience leaves his FBI and processing ability open for growth.

Stealersdepot Overall, Walker has very good athleticism and is improving at processing plays. He can take on and shed blocks, has the speed to go sideline to sideline and stops runners in their tracks when making tackles. Has the athletic ability to play Zone or Man coverage and has the length to be trouble in passing lanes.


Seahawks pick at Round 4 CB Marcus Jones - Houston

Measurements: 5-8 175

I am hoping that PCJS learn from DJ Reed, which drafting Tre Brown indicates they did, that size isn't as important as being able to play. Jones is just fucking electric and is so fun and exciting to watch. I think he is a plug and play slot CB and returner. Even if he is only a returner, it will be worth the pick. Just watch his highlights and try not to fall in love. Projects as a twitchy, undersized slot cornerback with playmaking traits and game-changing return talent. Jones has the hips and feet to cover slippery slot receivers and the ballhawking instincts to make plays from zone. He can be too reliant on his athletic ability. He needs to play with better discipline and route anticipation as a pro. He can be mismatched against size but he's plenty scrappy in those battles.

The Draft Network Simply put, Jones is a playmaker. He is a tremendous athlete with exceptional quickness, elite speed, and fluid hips. Those traits shine in man coverage where he is sticky and capable of pattern-matching any receiver while having the speed to carry any receiver down the field. He is an extremely physical player that is aggressive and competes well above his weight class. He is enthusiastic about tackling and has outstanding technique. While he is undersized, he will make an NFL team tougher and be an asset defending the run. Jones has terrific ball skills and is a game-breaking kick and punt returner. He has nine career return touchdowns and only one muff across his final three seasons in college. He's been given some opportunities to play receiver and can impact football games in so many different ways.


Seahawks select at Round 5 RB Pierre Strong - SDSU

Measurements: 5-11 207

40 Yard Dash-4.37

Vertical Jump-36

Broad Jump-124

Solid RB prospect who I would have no problem starting on day one. There are no real holes in his game and that is the type of guy we need to add as depth at a position that seems to always need it. Instinctive running back with NFL traits and talent to find a home as a committee back or an eventual RB1. Hyper-focused vision provides him a variety of cut options and rush paths but also causes him to overthink his approach at times. Strong is more reactive than manipulative but is quite impressive with his spatial awareness and ability to slalom around bodies on a smooth, linear pathway without slowing his roll.

The Draft Network Pierre Strong is a good athlete with good straight-line speed while showing good body control as a runner. In the passing game, he's shown sufficient hands out of the backfield. He is a definite threat in space when he gets the ball on a check-down. He is physical and willing in pass protection but should be better in this regard with pro coaching. In the run game, he is a slasher-type runner that has been extremely productive at the FCS level. He is a good decision-maker who has a good feel for weak-arm cutbacks on a defender. He runs with good vision and instinctive feel in traffic.


Seahawks select at Round 6 WR Erik Ezukanma -€” Texas Tech

Measurements: 6-2 209

Vertical Jump-36.5

Broad Jump-126

20 Yd Shuttle-4.38

I think you can take WRs this late and still get a physical freak who can contribute early. Productive three-year starter with desired combination of size and foot quickness. Ezukanma has enough speed to get down the field and challenge coverage while displaying an innate sense for protecting and finishing contested catches underneath. The route tree has been limited by scheme, but he's not as polished with the routes he runs as he should be for his experience level. Size, ball skills and toughness work in his favor as a quality backup with some upside.


Seahawks select at Round 7 K Cade York - LSU

Measurements: 6-1 206

40 Yard Dash-Who cares

Super consistent, big leg kicker. This may feel a little dirty, but it should in a good way. York was a highly ranked kicker coming out of high school and has played at a consistently high level for LSU. He gets consistent rotation on kicks from all distances and is usually near the middle of the uprights. He didn't handle kickoff duties at LSU, but has the leg to do so as a pro and should become a good NFL kicker early in his career.