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NFL offseason madness continues: Raiders finalizing trade for Davante Adams

Holy sh-t.

NFC Divisional Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images


As if this NFL offseason could not get any wilder, the Green Bay Packers are about to trade superstar wide receiver Davante Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders in yet another shock acquisition involving an AFC West team.

You may recall the Packers franchise tagged Adams and gave Aaron Rodgers all the money over the past couple of weeks. Adams reportedly told the Green Bay front office that he wouldn’t play under the franchise tag. Well that means it’s time for him to go and secure the biggest of bags in Sin City.

We’ll know the full details very soon.

Update: Now we know!

And in case you’re wondering, Rodgers apparently knew that Adams was going to depart even as he was negotiating the contract.

Adams has been one of the NFL’s best receivers for years and unless they gave up Hunter Renfrow as part of this deal, the Raiders now have one of the best 1-2 combinations at receiver in the league.

The AFC West in the span of a few days has landed Russell Wilson (Denver Broncos), Khalil Mack (Los Angeles Chargers), JC Jackson (Chargers), Chandler Jones (Raiders), and now it looks like Davante Adams (Raiders) will reunite with his Fresno State teammate Derek Carr.

This is an offseason for the ages.