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Wrapping up the first week of free agency in the post-Russell Wilson era

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

This offseason kicked off unlike any other in the history of the Seattle Seahawks; with the blockbuster trade that sent away the team’s longest-tenured and winningest quarterback in franchise history. This is a monumental, franchise-altering move that can in no way be understated; these are the kinds of decisions that will get discussed as long as people talk about football. This will pop up on lists for all eternity of best/worst/wildest transactions of all time because teams don’t show their Franchise Passer the door in the NFL very frequently. Sure, we have seen veterans on the move recently, and this trend very well may be a growing strategy in the cap-strapped era of salary management where every player who plays like a viable starter for a year or two has an opportunity to reset the market at his position.

All this being said, it would not have seemed out of the question to think that Pete Carroll and John Schneider might be pulling out all the stops, and going for broke in a way we haven’t seen since Pete was hired. Back then he immediately cleaned house, fielding a team with the highest roster turnover from the previous season as he built a fundamentally new approach to football in Seattle.

However, outside of the excruciating release of Bobby Wagner, this team has remained fairly status quo during the first week of free agency. There have unquestionably been a few noteworthy moves, but nothing that has in any way indicated that this team has a clear path forward after the Russell Wilson trade. But, as is usually the case, this team will have more than a few tricks up their sleeve, even if those tricks are getting tackier by the day... but enough speculation. Let’s get to what really matters — what you really came here for; to read what a bunch of random people on the internet are saying about this team as we near the end of the first week of free agency. Because just like you can’t win a football game in the first, second, or third quarter, you don’t win free agency until the internet says you did.

First a little history...

Roll the dice with Matty Ice?

Baker May Field, but Not if Kaepernick comes a-Colin’

(Sure, Camus can do, but Sartre is Smart-re)

Lately, all I really wanna know - is how Gardner’s mustache grows

Improvements along the line, because why not after trading your franchise passer?

Jimi Hendrix lit his guitar on fire and showed the world his soul, Penny Hendrixx lights the turf on fire and makes the world feel slow

Fant-asizing about Noah, reminiscing about George


DK 2K? I don’t know, you think up a new nickname

Al Woods brings a forest worth of mass and experience to this defense

Letting Reed walk... you gotta pay the DJ.

D.K. Takes a Stand for his new teammate

(Editor’s Note: Truth is an absolute defense to defamation. Not intended as legal advice. Always consult a professional. -JPG)

Sidebar on this one: I really hate how some have portrayed DK as being immature, selfish, and not a team player just because we see him getting fired up on the field. The dude is a young man with a fiery competitive spirit... and until I hear one thing that comes from an actual teammate or coach that suggests anything otherwise, I’m going to continue to believe that Metcalf is a solid person and a solid team player. And some of us just hope he sticks around a bit longer.

Nifty News about New Dudes

Now fans can sit back and enjoy the slower trickle of free agency news for the next 48 days until the start of the 2022 NFL Draft on April 28.