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Quotes and highlights from Drew Lock’s first Seahawks media session

NFL: Player Headshots 2022 Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

New Seattle Seahawks quarterback Drew Lock took the podium yesterday to field questions from the media. Before I give Drew Lock the floor, I want to begin this article by posting a salient quote from a Denver Broncos fan who stopped by to lend some kind words on Shelby Harris in my most recent post; not stopping there, they went on to discuss their opinion on Drew Lock, and I honestly thought this was one of the most earnest and potentially exciting things I have heard about the young QB as of yet. According to user bxhowell1,

“I believe Lock is going to do great things for you. He definitely needs (and will have) competition to earn the job, but he has the tools to be an above average QB in this league. As others have said, he never got a fair shake in Denver. He lost confidence under out worthless (and thankfully shit canned OC). “Let him cook” i keep hearing about Russ, and i would say the same about Lock. A gunslinger that is gun shy simply doesnt work.

I will say this, and most honest Denver fans would agree that watching Bridgewater play was about as much fun as watching paint dry. Not so with Lock. He made a lot of bad decisions, but he was never fully developed or utilized.

If you want to see heart (or lack thereof) watch how Teddy reacts to a fumble return vs Lock. One did shit, and the other ran back 40 yards to tackle the opposing player. Lock is without a doubt the most polarizing player in recent Bronco history (*author’s not: boldness added for emphasis). Hopefully Pete gives him a fair shake; Fangio didnt.” (full comment can be found here)

Now, interpret this how you want. But I am finding plenty of optimism to plunge here, so without further adieu, here are some quotes from Drew Lock’s Monday Presser. All quotes courtesy of John Boyle of the Seattle Seahawks Official Team Website.

On being traded to the Seattle Seahawks and the change of scenery

“I was ready for something to happen... And then when I found out that this is what happened, I was really, really excited. Excited for a fresh start, excited to come in and compete for a starting job and do everything I can to show this organization and show this league what I’m capable of doing, and that’s playing really good football.”

“New teammates, new coaching staff, new energy, new this, new that, new feel, whatever it may be—a new practice field—it’s just the true definition of a fresh start, everything is new. You get to make a new identity for everything, you get to come in and show these people how hard you want to work, how bad you want it, how bad you want to win football games. There’s just a lot of good that can come from a new chair in a meeting room. There’s just a lot that goes into all this, and a fresh start for me is really, really exciting.”

No excuses in Denver, but the circumstances... well they weren’t ideal.

“Anyone that deals in the football realm as a quarterback, you know there’s a lot of stuff that goes on around you. Let me start with this too, though. I will never make excuses for my play. I could have played a lot better in the seasons that I was playing there. I did some good things, but there’s a lot of things I could have done a lot better. With everything that happened, with COVID, not being able to practice, a new offensive coordinator, firing the first offensive coordinator after my first year, there’s just a lot that went into those three years. And again, I could have played a lot better. I’ll own up to that. As far as what I feel like I can do different. I’m just going to have the mindset of competing the whole time I’m here. I’m going to come in, I’m going to work hard, I’m going to work harder than anybody else in this building and I’m going to show it to these guys, to try to gain their trust. Show them that I’m here to work and you know, if you put a little faith in me, I have a very talented skill set that’ll help us win football games.”

Is he ready to comPete?

“Nothing has been promised, as I would want. I’d want them to come in here and tell me I need to earn it. Tell me I need to come in and work, tell me I need to come in and compete. I need to play well. There’s a lot of things that I need to do to show this organization that I should be the one taking those snaps. But right now, nothing is promised. It’s just my job to come in and work extremely hard and compete for that starting job.”

Shane Waldron’s offense and the similarities to Rich Scangerello circa 2019

“It’s similar to the one I ran my rookie year when I first got in the league. I got to play at the end of that year, and we played really good football. We won four of the five games, and I played efficient football, took care of the ball, scored in the red zone, hit the deep shots when they were there. And I just think that collectively as a group, when we start talking and getting into the details of the offense—what might be good for me, what do they want to have for sure—I think we’ll put it all together and end up being able to put a good offense together that makes my skillset shine. I can throw the deep ball, I can move around in the pocket, I can play-action. Whatever you might need me to do, I’ll be able to do it, and I think we’ll put a good plan together to maximize my skillset.”

On switching numbers out of respect to the Chef while building a career

“As long as football goes on, Russell Wilson will be very special to this place, very special to Seattle. And I know what it takes to, kind of build a legacy. You wouldn’t go wear 18 in Indianapolis, you wouldn’t go wear 12 in Green Bay. It’s a sign of respect for him from me, but also at the same time, I want to write my own story here. I want to see what 2 does for us. I want to make that me. I don’t want to fight against Russell, he’s done so many great things for this place and so many great things for the city of Seattle and the state of Washington. I want 2 to remember it as Drew Lock, not 3 was Russell and Drew. I want 2 to be Drew, and that’s just kind of been my mindset on it. I have the utmost respect for him and that was a move in showing that.”

So there you have it. Drew Lock in his own words. I appreciate his tempered confidence and realistic view of his career thus far. Now, we sit in wait while the team is undoubtedly parsing their options to add more competition at the most important position on the field.