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2022 NFL Free Agency: Bobby Wagner to sign with Rams per report

NFL: Detroit Lions at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Before free agency got started the Seattle Seahawks made a big splash by trading Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos and releasing All Pro middle linebacker Bobby Wagner.

In spite of a head start on free agency compared to other players whose contracts were set to expire, Wagner, took his time in his first experience as an unrestricted free agent in his illustrious career. First was a visit to the NFC West rival Los Angeles Rams, followed by being connected to the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots in more recent days. However, per former Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, Wagner has now chosen a new team, and it’s likely to upset many Hawks fans.

The terms of the contract have yet to be disclosed, however, the Rams have tended to underpay their off ball linebackers, so the specifics of the contract will be very interesting to see. In any case, best of luck to Wagner in 15 games a season as his career continues in his hometown of Los Angeles.


And now the general details of the contract have been reported, but as is often the case, it will be necessary to await the specifics of the contract in order to determine the actual length and value of the contract.