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Seahawks official account tweets joke about trading Russell Wilson

Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Well this just keeps getting weirder.

The Seattle Seahawks official Twitter account posted a clip from Tom Hanks’ Cast Away, in reference to Russell Wilson being traded.

Here’s the tweet, although I am including a screenshot because I cannot intellectually fathom that they keep this post up permanently.

What in the world is going on out here?

I don’t know if things are moving so fast that nobody’s checking, but either an intern is getting fired or somebody signed off on the Seahawks making an official mockery of the Russell Wilson trade.

It seems to be in response to the Denver Broncos account tweeting their own Wilson gif of their own a half hour earlier, but it’s in pretty poor taste. Denver’s celebration of the impending of arrival is appropriate.

10 years of the best quarterback that this franchise has ever employed, and they tweeted out a joke about it.

The drama, the speculation, the reports, the subtle quotes, the small trade return - it begs the question whether things behind the doors were actually as bad as the worst reports. Could Russell Wilson have possibly been at such odds with the organization that his exit will be met with frivolity and even relief?

While it’s still fresh and nearly unfathomable that this trade is even going down, the added flippancy of the team’s first reaction to it speaks something. I’m not entirely sure what it speaks, but pay attention, because if you wanted there to be Seattle drama that bursts out of the closet, you may get your day.