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Russell Wilson pens initial goodbye to city of Seattle

Seattle Seahawks Training Camp Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Russell Wilson was silent on the day of his groundbreaking and league-altering trade.

Today, he addressed the fans for the first time since being sent to the Denver Broncos in a move that’s still hard to believe.

It’s little more than a confirmation at this point that this is indeed happening, and it’s also what Russell Wilson wanted.

Wilson has always been able to flip the switch from trite interview mode to meaningful leader, and undoubtedly he’ll have some things he wants to say, wherever and whenever that takes place.

Counter to several prickly radio personalities on this chilly Wednesday morning, I do not expect nor wish Wilson to come out and critique everything about the Seattle Seahawks that caused him to seek greener pasture. I expect he’ll give a meaningful tribute in his typical Wilson style, meaning every player who’s ever attended training camp for 10 years is a potential “thank you” target.

Within a half hour, Wilson’s tweet passed 40,000 likes and people are responding with a decade worth of tributes, memories, and hope for his future.

Seriously, if you’re able, check it out. The tribute on that thread alone is far greater than anything we’d be able to put on this site. Professional sports are rarely blessed with a character who has skyrocketed off the charts in work ethic and community engagement the way Russell Wilson has. The support of the fans show this, and are the true testament to how bittersweet this departure is.