The non-April Fools Seahawks Mock Draft

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This isn't an April Fools joke, I would really love this draft. It isn't necessarily flashy, but there are two day one starters and two day one rotational/contributors, plus some special teams help in there. A draft like this would set the team up very well.

Take a look at the other mocks I have done, for more prospects to follow:

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I am not a scout, nor do I pretend to be. I will give my thought process on drafting a guy, but will link and copy to other scouts and give you what they think of him, which is probably much higher quality than what you would get from me.


I HAVE MOVED TO THE CURRENT PICKS PER ROUND. I still think it is folly to attempt to figure out what trades will happen, so I will continue to just pick a generic pick for that round.

Draft Position

We don't know where anyone will be drafted, so don't @ me with an argument about someone won't be available when, that is completely beside the point. The point is that we look at a bunch of players who may be available and of interest to PCJS.


Round 1 DT Jordan Davis - Georgia

Round 2 RB Breece Hall - Iowa State

Round 2 CB Kyler Gordon - UW

Round 3 WR Calvin Austin III - Memphis

Round 4 LB Troy Andersen - Montana State

Round 5 Edge Deangelo Malone - Western Kentucky

Round 5 OT Braxton Jones - Southern Utah State

Round 7 C/G Cade Mays - Tenn


Pick-by-pick Breakdown

Seahawks at pick Round 1 DT Jordan Davis - Georgia

Measurements: 6'-6" 341

40 Yard Dash-4.78

Vertical Jump-32

Broad Jump-123

One of the most important positions in a 3-4, that plans on playing a ton of disguises, is a NT/3T that destroys the inside run game. Often you will show a light box to force the run, but have run fits to stop it. Having a Jordan Davis in the middle takes up the time for those run fits to get in position and fill the box. This is a mountain of a DT, with insane explosion and speed. Stick him in the middle of the line on day one and let him do his thing. Beefy, mountainous nose tackle with the size, power and will to clog the drain and alter the offense's desire to run between the tackles. Davis has anchor and quick-shed talent to eviscerate single blocks and successfully occupy double teams, allowing linebackers to thrive in pursuit of ball-carriers.

The Draft Network He is primarily a bull rusher who can push the pocket and put the center in the lap of the quarterback. He is extremely impactful as someone who absolutely commands a double team, which frees up other players in that front. In the run game, he is dominant. He is nearly impossible to single-block. He has extremely explosive hands to lock out and disengage from offensive linemen. His skill set suggests that he can either be a single or two-gap player in an even or odd front.


Seahawks select at Round 2 RB Breece Hall - Iowa State

Measurements: 5-11 217

40 Yard Dash-4.39

Vertical Jump-40

Broad Jump-126

This feels a little early for a RB, but also feels like something they will do. Hall is a solid RB and excellent pass catcher. He isn't super dynamic, but he is decisive and fast. I have questions over if Carson ever plays again, so we need someone to pair as a starting level RB behind Penny. His running style is willful when it needs to be and he's adept at moving the chains on "got to have it" short-yardage carries. Hall has full-package, three-down talent with surprisingly soft hands out of the backfield and should find early touches as a Day 2 draft pick with above-average potential.

The Draft Network Hall is a patient runner that allows holes to fully develop before he hits them. When in the hole, Hall has the burst and top speed to take the play the distance—this is the reason for a lot of his long TDs. Hall is not a back that you categorize as an overly creative or dynamic playmaker, but he should be viewed as a back who can take advantage of the running lanes that the offensive line has created. In the NFL, Hall should be best suited as a back in a zone scheme that takes advantage of his naturally patient running style.


Seahawks at pick Round 2 CB Kyler Gordon - UW

Measurements: 5-11.5 194

40 Yard Dash-4.52

He doesn't meet their former size requirements, but that is ok, he is just good at football. Plug him in at any CB spot and he will start from day one. Gordon's dynamic athletic qualities will show up in testing, but more importantly, they are all over his tape. His blend of play strength and explosive burst affects the passing game from press, off-man and zone coverages. He plays with an alpha demeanor and hitting is definitely part of his overall package.

The Draft Network Kyler Gordon is an exceptional athlete with explosive and dynamic movement. In the run game, he comes up hard when he is the force player in zone. He is an eager participant in the run game and does a good job as a tackler on the perimeter and in space as a core special teamer. In the passing game, he is exceptional. His outstanding agility and quickness in coverage help him stay in phase. From press alignment, he often uses bail technique and closes quickly when he can play with vision. From off man, he can get a little "nosey" with his eyes but obviously trusts his athleticism in these instances. In the NFL, he has the athleticism and hips to be a starting outside corner. However, his tackling ability, instincts, and agility also project him favorably to playing inside, giving him true inside/outside flexibility.


Seahawks at pick Round 3 WR Calvin Austin III - Memphis

Measurements: 5-8 170

40 Yard Dash-4.32

Vertical Jump-39

Broad Jump-135

3 Cone Drill-6.65

20 Yd Shuttle-4.07

This is a WR that is all about speed, hot nasty bad-ass speed. He is a 1st round talent, that will drop to the 3rd based on his size, but he is just really good at football. No one gets good hits on him since he is moving so fast and he is so quick that you can't jam him on the line. He can also return punts, which is something we need to be better at. Watch the highlights and try not to fall in love with this guy. Productive playmaker with below-average size but above-average heart. Austin is below the acceptable size standards many teams have at wide receiver, but he is fearless, versatile and fast. He has proven he can handle the catch-and-run duties necessary in Memphis' quick game. He has the rapid-fire foot quickness and loose hips to take on a more complex route tree as an NFL slot target.

The Draft Network Austin is a dynamic playmaker and big-play machine. He has the makings of an electric top-three option for an NFL passing game that can also contribute in gadgety ways and as a punt returner. He will make an NFL team more explosive, but there are some limitations to be mindful of because of his frame.


Seahawks pick at Round 4 LB Troy Andersen - Montana State

Measurements: 6-3.5, 243

40 Yard Dash-4.42

Vertical Jump-36

Broad Jump-128

Still learning the position, but has the build and athletic ability to be great NFL LB. The fact that he played QB, WR and LB will definitely endear him to PC/JS, they love guys that will do anything for their team. Intriguing "do-everything" prospect with unusual versatility that could see him getting reps in all three phases. Andersen has good size and toughness with the ball in his hands, but he's transitioned to a full-time linebacker role. However, he's still inexperienced at the position, which shows in his instincts and technique at that spot. Despite those concerns, he was an extremely productive playmaker, using his physical tools and motor to shine.

The Draft Network He has true sideline-to-sideline range and is an explosive playmaker. He has easy movement skills in coverage and can serve as a matchup defender to play some man. With all of that said, Andersen is still very raw when it comes to processing and there are times where it's abundantly clear that he's still new to playing linebacker. He has to develop his ability to deconstruct blocks and play off contact in addition to improving his read and react skills.


Seahawks select at Round 5 Edge Deangelo Malone - Western Kentucky

Measurements: 6-3, 243

A developmental outside rusher who plays bigger than he is. More worried about getting a productive player than someone who is perfect on the stats sheet. Malone's wiry build belies his toughness and play strength at the point of attack. He uses quick feet, a flexible frame and unusually successful recovery balance to slink into playmaking positions in the run game. His rush is unorthodox and unpredictable but his burst to close and fluidity inside the pocket are valuable in finishing against mobile quarterbacks.

The Draft Network Malone plays defensive end for the Hilltoppers, playing predominantly out of a two-point stance as well as with his hand in the dirt. He has excellent overall athleticism with speed, burst, and quickness. He is explosive off the snap as a pass rusher and threatens the edges in an instant. A very loose and agile athlete, Malone shows an ability to corner and flatten to the quarterback with very little difficulty. He flashes the ankle flexion to turn tight angles and can reduce his surface area around the edge to bend the arc. A high-motor player, Malone plays hard and hustles to the football with impressive closing speed.


Seahawks select at Round 5 OT Braxton Jones - Southern Utah State

Measurements: 6-5 310

40 Yard Dash-4.97

Vertical Jump-25.5

Broad Jump-108

20 Yd Shuttle-4.84

This is a flyer on a LT that might just need NFL coaching to get him to his ceiling. Jones has moments where he can overwhelm his level of competition with size and length, but he's currently lacking the technique and force needed to succeed against NFL defenders. Jones' run blocking isn't as dynamic or athletic as expected and his issues with pad level are a concern. However, he has good slide quickness, developmental traits and talent that should not be overlooked in pass protection.

The Draft Network He is a good athlete overall who is agile enough to move his feet in his set. In the run game, he's physical and aggressive but not necessarily overpowering. He doesn't generate vertical movement as consistent as I'd like. He's more of a positional blocker who's athletic enough to get to cut off on the backside. In the passing game, he's got great range and length.


Seahawks select at Round 7 C/G Cade Mays - Tenn

Measurements: 6-5 311

40 Yard Dash-5.24

Vertical Jump-26

Broad Jump-102

3 Cone Drill-7.57

20 Yd Shuttle-4.71

All the tools to develop into a starting center. Offensive line prospect with five-position experience, a broad frame and good overall strength. He has good length and can play square against bigger, odd-front defenders, which is extremely valuable at center.

The Draft Network Mays is a powerful blocker that has plenty of nasty about him in the way he executes. He operates with an edge and wants to impose his will on opponents. He has good size to go with his aggressive demeanor and would be an ideal fit for a gap-blocking run scheme.