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Cigar Thoughts Podcast, Episode 21: Nate Tice

The former D-1 QB, NFL scout, and currently popular writer and podcaster for The Athletic stops by to talk all things NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is bearing down on us like a herd of wildebeests and, as the hoofbeats get faster and louder, we brought in an expert to help parse the noise. Nate Tice is the son of former Seahawk and NFL head coach Mike Tice. He played quarterback at the University of Wisconsin, worked as a scout for the Atlanta Falcons, and an assistant coach for the Oakland Raiders. Now he writes and podcasts for The Athletic, and he took an hour to sit down with Mike and I.

Among the topics we covered:

*The depth and talent of the 2022 draft class

*Which positions is this draft strong at and weak at?

*Which direction should Seattle go as a team?

*Which prospects are we hoping are still there at picks #9, #40, #41, and #72

*Is this a good year to trade down and, if so, how far?

*There’s a QB in this class that Nate thinks could be the future of the Seahawks— which one is it?

All of this and more in a great episode of the pod!



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