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Bye Bye Bobby: Highlights and memorable moments from a Hall of Fame career

Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Bobby Wagner. That is the sentence.

Overhauling a roster can be painful for player and fans, but especially so when the departing players have meant this much to a franchise and its fans. Seeing the Legion of Boom get dismantled was tough; Hall of Fame players don’t just magically appear on a roster. But now the dream is truly a fixture of the past; and what a beautiful dream it was. But like all wonderful dreams, this too had to come to an end; Bobby Wagner is heading down to California to joining the defending Super Bowl champions and bitter rivals, the Los Angeles Rams.

As if this offseason hadn’t already been painful enough, this one hurts. This one hurts BAD. Bobby Wagner re-wrote the narrative on this Seattle Seahawks defense after the abysmal failure of Aaron Curry and the eventual release of Lofa Tatupu. While David Hawthorne capably played the Mike role, nobody could match the electricity of #54. But such is life in the NFL, and I wish Bobby Wagner all the best, even with a loathed NFC West opponent like the Rams. He has many days of football ahead of him, and I am not looking forward to seeing what it looks like to have him lined up opposite a Russell Wilson-less Seahawks offense. Or maybe I am. I don’t even know anymore, but here are some clips and highlights that bring back some warm feelings of joy as we reminisce on the brief, shining moment in which Bobby Wagner captained this Seattle Seahawks defense.