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Leaders for the 2022 Field Gulls Armchair GM Challenge after Day 2

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS VS. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS Sam Riche/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

The first two days of the 2022 NFL Draft are in the books, and the Seattle Seahawks have so far focused on improving in the trenches. That improvement should come from the selection of three separate trench players on the first two days of the draft, including Charles Cross of Mississippi State, Boye Mafe of Minnesota and Abraham Lucas of Washington State.

In addition, with DeeJay Dallas the only running back under contract for the Seahawks past the 2022 season, running back was obviously a pressing need, meaning when the Hawks came on the clock and Kenneth Walker III was on the board, it was a no brainer for Pete Carroll and John Schneider. (Author’s Note: That sentence may be read with as little or as much sarcasm as one desires.)

In any case, heading into Day 3 the top ten in the 2022 Field Gulls Armchair GM Challenge is as follows:

10: 19_Noah_97 (75)
9: Zakary Venturo (76)
7T: Steve Nelson (78)
7T: Fountaindale (78)
5T: seahawksdroog (79)
5T: djafrot (79)
4: Stevo’s (80)
2T: NiklasFromFinland (84)
2T: FuazzyMoto (84)
1: HNRY(87)

Of the four players selected so far, here are how many of the 255 entries correctly guessed each player:

  • Charles Cross: 73 total, including 9 as the 30 point selection
  • Boye Mafe: 121 total, including 5 as the 30 point selection
  • Kenneth Walker III: 36, with 0 as the 30 point selection and
  • Abraham Lucas: 154, including 10 as the 30 point selection

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